in technicolor

When I was young, I was fairly sure that life could actually be as it is in the musicals. I had somewhat of an obsession with renting VHS copies of old movies from our public library, and then watching wide eyed from my grandparents' living room. A lot of who I am was formed during that time period. I still want to be Cinderella, Kathy Selden, Cyd Charisse, and a Busby Berkeley chorus girl, all rolled into one. And the things I want to be surrounded by reflect this. I want my house to look like the backdrop of the way I am in my head. Sequins and all. I also want it to be the kind of magical place that my kids love to call home. Stimulating and full of fun, interesting objects. Tidy, but not stuffy. A place where anything can happen and messes can be made and cleaned up and made again.

(Insert tap dancing number here)

...or I guess I actually could insert one. Off to Youtube.


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