tonight i'm liking

My "new" kitchen table and chairs. The only thing better than finding something cute for $3 is finding something cute for free. My mom was storing this set, and before that it was in my great grandma's kitchen.

I really had to scrub scrub scrub to get it shiny. The seats are vinyl-y with grooves and were pretty dirty. I spent about ten minutes spraying stuff all over the first one, and wiping it down with a towel. I was slowly but surely removing the dirt from the grooves of the material.
Emphasis on "slowly".

(Left seat untouched, right scrubbed down--the photos are dark because I couldn't resist setting it up and taking pictures the very night I brought it home.)

Then I suddenly remembered that magic erasers exist. It took me I think 45 seconds to get the second seat clean. It also removed dirt from the metal that I had given up on. Those crazy magic erasers. Whoever invented them should get some kind of award.

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