10 gifts for... oh who am I kidding?

A tough week, it has been. For no real reason other than oh, my 23 month old son is CRAZY. He's smart and funny and wonderful and chaotic and I love it when he is taking a nap.

I haven't gotten a thing done, and my house looks like crazy people or... maybe highly intelligent bears live here. He can trash a room in under 5 minutes. And that's with me following behind him picking up old messes as he makes new ones. At some point you just give up.

I just sent him to Costco with my mom. I am usually all "oh, I've got it, I can do it myself" but this morning I was all, "PLEASE COME TAKE CLARK AWAY" and I think that's okay too.


  1. Yes...always good to get grandma to take them for a little bit to re-gain sanity and happy-mommy-smiley-face. You are definitely not alone with this phase as I stayed with my friend who has a two-year-old. They are crazy, neurotic, bi-polar, and "No" crazy...but apparently around 3 yrs old they turn into lovable, wonderful, cuddly, mommy-little helpers...so there is a light at the end of the tunnel!