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Here they are! Ten cool gifts for kids, under $50. Really the budget could have been tighter than that, as only one of the gifts (the adorable scrumptious precious baby/toddler scarf that I could not bear to leave out) even comes to close to that price range.

And the best part?

I find all of these things inspirational in one way or another. I just may make my little Alice a similar apron one day. (Right now she is 3 months old and in no need of an apron whatsoever.) Felt food sounds like a fun and not too terribly complicated project to do with a kid who has a new play kitchen.

Left to Right

1. Scribbles by Taro Gomi. This is one in a series of books that ask kids to dig deep in their brains and imagine. Instead of coloring in between the lines, it asks the user to contribute. "Draw a cushion in trouble" and "Draw a chair that is bored" are two of its prompts. Fun for kids and grown-ups too. I would put this on my own Christmas list. {$18 from Amazon.com}

2. Eco Friendly Baby Blocks. When it comes to baby toys, you really can't be too careful. These are soft, adorable, and will never turn into junk (I'm looking at you tiny plastic pieces that fall to the bottom of the toy box.) They come in a set of three. {$14 from cutesypoo.etsy.com}

3. Sakura Bear Plush. I love handmade stuffed toys, also commonly called stuffies or softies. The ones that are well done are really fun. This bear is made from an original pattern and filled with eco friendly stuffing. And eco friendly charm, though that is not explicitly advertised. {$24 from cutesypoo.etsy.com}

4. Lilliput Robot. My husband and I toured the Tin Toy Museum at Epcot Center last Fall and decided right then that we would invest in a few. My not yet two year old son has this robot in his room, and admires it every day. It's not really for playing per se, but I don't think it has to be played with roughly to enjoy it for what it is. My toddler is fascinated by the way it looks and likes to hold it and admire it, so I think it is doing its job of exercising his imagination. There are other cool robots from this store, many of them much cheaper. {$18 from tintoyarcade.com}

5. The Hug-me scarf. Ohhh the hug me scarf. I find this scarf incredibly endearing, probably because of my undying affection for bows and the fact that the design vaguely resembles a bow. But it isn't just the bow thing, I am truly loving everything about it. It's handmade by etsy seller petitenyc, who says she "knits for babies & kids from patterns I've found when home in Norway." For some reason when it comes to knits, I trust Norway. She also says this scarf is "exquisitely soft" and will fit babies and toddlers. I would love a mom-sized version! {$45 from petitenyc.etsy.com}

6. The Cupcake Apron. If I had had an apron like this as a child, I never would have taken it off. I would have paired it with my "twirly skirt" and my grandma's feather duster (that I thought looked fancy and important) and spent the afternoon smoothing my ruffles in admiration. If you know a little girl like this, I would say it's worth every penny. {$30 from www.darlybird.com}

7. Pearl River baby shoes. I've been drooling over their tiny girl shoes since waaay before I had a tiny girl to put them on. Asian markets are always a fun place to find unique things, and Pearl River is probably the most popular one. {$6.50 from www.pearlriver.com}

8. Momiji Dolls. I love these. There are zillions to collect, and each one has a space built in for you to leave a secret message. What kid doesn't love secret spaces? I could see a whole row of these in a girl's room. {$11.99 from uncommongoods.com}

9. Felt Play-Food Breakfast Set. I have seen felt play food elsewhere online, but this set is super affordable. It's made by a Hyena Cart mom (Hyena Cart is an eco-friendly online marketplace mostly run by moms) and contains "2 Fluffy Buttermilk style Pancakes, 1 Fried Egg, and you can choose either 2 slices of Crispy Bacon or 2 Sausage Patties." A cute way to avoid made-in-china plastic play food, and it will stand the test of time. {$24 from hyenacart.com/DimpledDerriereDesigns}

10. Cram Cream Plate. "We vow eternal love" the frogs are professing. Cram Cream stuff is so cute and weird. I don't really ever get tired of it. {$9.95 from olliebollen.com}

I can't believe I finished this! Leave it to me to make a simple list into a complicated ordeal. Special thanks to my husband for the glass of milk at 1am to get me through.


  1. WOw! I want that felt breakfast set so much. Adorable. I'm looking forward to your next lists so I can see what else I need.

  2. Thanks to your trip to Epcot, we also received a tin robot for Christmas last year. And crazy enough, our next door neighbor has the exact robot in one of his windows but it looks like it is an original (i.e. a little rusty and dented looking).

  3. My 5 year old son LOVES his Scribbles book (thanks again), and I can attest to the fact that it is also quite fun for adults.