i've got a boy and he's got everything

He has a large spool of paper, crayons, play-doh, a jumbo dry-erase book, a sticker book, a chalkboard and a mom who will help him draw Brobee.

(Oh yes, and a headless robot. I can't forget the robot. His head is just resting in the general neck area for the photo, but do not think for a moment that it is in any way attached.)

He has Star Wars toys, Little People toys, Veggie Tales toys, Yo Gabba Gabba toys, a Thomas trainset, a handmade Tee Pee, a play kitchen, play food, a teddy bear rug, a lantern, a little wooden chair, a little upholstered recliner and hundreds of books.

He has cozy places to play and a cozy place to sleep.

And a family who loves him, including two little Uncles (now aged 10 and 8) who once owned about 75% of the stuff I just mentioned.

Best of all, he receives zillions of hugs and kisses every day.

His second birthday is six days from now. SIX DAYS. What do I do? What can I give him? Will he notice if he doesn't get presents?

I think that during his third year of life, I may try to give him two zillion kisses and hugs per day. And to spend more time with him outside. Those are the things I can give him that he really needs. And I think I might need them too.

Besides I already gave him a sister this year. A baby sister should get me off the hook. Two year old boys love baby sisters, right? Mmmhmm, they do, deep down in their hearts. Really really deep down.


  1. his room looks awesome! it is ok to be jealous of an almost 2 yr old's room? Brent's turning 27 in six days too...i may get away with not giving him any gifts, ha.

  2. I love that room! The teepee rocks!

  3. Wow! His room looks like something out of a catalog. I especially love the tepee.

    Is your son really sleeping in that second photo? If so, I'm impressed. Our daughter's eyes would flutter right open if we switched on a lamp like that. :)