leave a peppermint stick for old saint nick

So it's 3am, and I just finished wrapping presents and watching A Holiday Affair (as I do every year, I just love it). Oh, and drinking coffee. Did I mention drinking coffee? I may have had some coffee. Oh, and did I mention it's 3am? Oh, I did? I may have had some coffee.

I used gorgeous hand drawn wrapping paper. The design was, in fact, completed by the artist just this morning.

Don't you think he's talented? Mmhmm. Very up and coming. (Up and coming on his 2nd birthday, that is.)

And there is a teensy chance this artist may be getting a chalkboard for Christmas. To further his education.

His sister, on the other hand, is getting a Snow White Puppet Storybook from Goodwill. I had a Puppet Storybook version of Cinderella when I was a little girl and just love love loved it. I had actually been thinking about it lately, and had attempted to google it with no success. Without knowing that the series is called "Puppet Storybook" you just end typing things like, "Dolls posed Cinderella vintage book" and that really doesn't get you anything useful.

It turns up images like this:

I didn't know what it was called or who to ask. And then I found one at Goodwill.

And Alice doesn't know any better. So that's all she's getting from us. Sorry sweet thing. You'll do better next year.


  1. Love the wrapping paper and the yarn bow! Adorable.

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  3. I love how you wrote your "to:" and "from:" along the lines that Clark drew. Very cute.

    PS - The deleted comment was mine, spelling error. I didn't really realize that there would be a note about it ;)