tonight i'm liking

This poster.

I've had it bookmarked in my one of my disorganized computer bookmark folders for a long time. I think I had it under "inspiration" because it reminded me so very much of something I would make all on my own. That's actually a problem I have when I look at too much stuff online. I see things I think I would already make. It makes me hesitate. I obviously wouldn't make this exactly, but it does remind me very much of a painting of my husband's that I wanted to replicate in my style. And my style looks more like... this. So I guess I can either scratch it off of my to-do list or claim ignorace, a la Kenley Collins.

Either way, the poster is adorable.

I am putting it on my Christmas list.

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  1. I'm so glad you let us find this! I'm loving it. I look forward to more.