I went to two Goodwills today, in my never ending quest to find a midcentury coffee table.

You know. One that looks like this.

(The following image of the-coffee-table-that-is-not-mine was taken from google images and if it yours I am very sorry for stealing your image and can you please give me your address so I can also steal your table?)

I think Fridays are a bad day to go looking for furniture. I think they put new stuff out on Mondays. But hey, Friday is the day I happened to have the energy, so whatever. I did not find a coffee table.

I did find...

This sock monkey ($2.99!) He also has a hat, but Clark is a little obsessed with it and was trying to wear it on his own head while Mr. Monkey's mug shot was being taken.

And this awesome old globe. ($3.99!) Clark can look at La Plata and maybe sort of kinda understand a little tiny bit better where Uncle Nate and Aunt Deb and Ellie and Scotty (and soon Emerson) live.
And this amazingly fun vintage skirt that Alice can someday wear playing dress-up. (Okay, so maybe it's not totally for Alice. Maybe it is 50% for Alice and 50% for me.) The tag just says "POM POM".

(Yes, I tried it on. It's 50% FOR ME PEOPLE!)

And another Puppet Storybook (69 cents!).

And three vintage floral pillowcases (99 cents each).

And some other stuff.

I could be wrong, but I doubt you want to see pictures of the plain brand new in the package fitted sheet or the pop-up book about Jonah I was forced to buy because Clark tore some of the pop-up people out in front of several Goodwill employees.

Okay, okay.

You're welcome.


  1. Nice finds! Good luck next time on your table hunt.

  2. Love the new banner, too! Stupid Jessi stealing all my comments.

  3. Your writing style is so easy and fun. Your musings always make me smile. And I am SO going to add you to my "Favorites" page...because your blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites.