I never went to camp, is that the problem?

Have you ever noticed the way that super neat and perfect people tend to fold towels just right? And they can do it really fast? I am not a perfect towel folder. I have a little craziness in my brain that makes me want my house to look just so, but it doesn't come naturally. And I'm only about 20% successful. (Meaning, 20% of my house looks cute and the other 80% has something spilled on it or has had its contents dumped onto the floor.)

Tonight I had to take the sheets off of our bed and use our only spare set (yes we have only two sets of sheets, king sized sheets are way expensive) because I had ripped the flat sheet in an attempt at "hospital corners." A very, um, vigorous attempt. Keep in mind that I don't really know what hospital corners are, I just read about them from time to time in Domino and Martha. I imagine they are perfectly tucked and folded sheets at the end of the bed, though I'm not really sure. Every hospital bed I've ever seen has had a scratchy sheet and a thin white blanket casually strewn over it, possibly tucked in at the end in some kind of haphazard way. But nothing notable. Nothing helpful.

Am I the only one who can't fold a guest towel or tea towel? Or make a bed?

(I usually feel pretty good about my sloppily made bed simply because I love my duvet cover, but this afternoon Clark drew on said duvet cover with lipstick. This neat and perfect folding business has taken on a new importance.)


  1. I went to camp...a lot, but we used sleeping bags. If you were to come to my house and look in my linen closet, you would see a stack of towels that are folded neatly...just all differently. Becca always has nice stacks of neatly folded towels that make a nice uniform tower, I seriously lack the capacity to remember how I folded the last towel in the 5 seconds it takes to put it away and grab the next one. My pile is wonky. I have given up on neatly folding fitted sheets, I just kind of wad them up and stuff them in the closet.

  2. I remember just after I got married I saw a Martha Stewart show where she showed how to fold a towel and I've folded like that ever since! They do look so nice on the shelf that way, too.


  3. Once when Becca was at my house, she was folding my laundry and asked me how I folded my towels? Length wise or width wise; I thought, huh: I have no idea. I still don't, and fitted sheets are an absolute mystery. I try to stick with the visible areas of my house; the closets are a total loss. :) I always went to camp a lot.

  4. I love it!! I worked in a bed and bath store for 7 years and so my towels are always just right...if not I swear my eye twitches. :) I love your blog...inspiring.

  5. My husband is SO much better at making beds than I am. Somehow I can never get the corners "just so."

  6. I'm no good at folding towels or making beds. My mother is quite ashamed! Your blog is fabulous!