mission acomplished, kinda

We did finish our t-shirt project.

(the tee shirt design - this was taken the next day as is obvious from the cake stains and wrinkled shirt)

The short, sweet, rosy version would go like this:
I cleaned my house on Friday night so we could wake up to a fresh start on Saturday. We drank some coffee together, and then figured out how to get the t-shirts made. We made a little dark room in the bathroom and timed it all just right and the image actually burned itself onto the screen. We were able to screenprint the shirts! High five us. I made four lasagnas (two Italian sausage and two mushroom & artichoke) bread, salad and punch. The party was a blast. The kids were well behaved and the adults were able to hang out for hours. It was a really cool second birthday for Clark, and I'm so happy I was able to pull it all together. (Insert smilies! And fireworks!)

The real, accurate, true-life story would go like this:
Friday night I went to visit my grandpa in the hospital. He was just diagnosed with ALS and I was barely holding it together on Friday evening. I contemplated cancelling the party, but what would that fix? I did manage to drag myself around the house so it would be clean for Saturday. Cleanish, that should say. I began to make a cake, but after vacantly staring at the ingrediants for awhile, decided to put it off until the next day. Saturday we woke up and realized that the shirts were way way way harder than we had anticipated. The prep work alone was going to take hours. We haphazardly made a dark room in our (main) bathroom and slopped bright red emulsion everywhere. Only half of the design made its way onto the screen, but we thought we could live with that. We yelled at each other a lot. Washing out the screens got my only-pants-that-fit soaking wet. I spent the next hour making lasagna in my underwear, while wearing my four month old in the Angelpack. When the screens were finally ready, my husband had to do the ink part himself because I was up to my ears in messed-up lasagna noodles. The bright red emulsion we had slopped everywhere in the shower was now the color of dried blood. The bathroom our guests were going to be using looked like a crime scene.

It was at this moment that my mother in law and my dear friend Melanie stepped in and saved me from calling the whole thing off.

They cleaned the scary bathroom and the sticky kitchen. They buttered the bread, put the salad together and let me take a moment to put on pants and mascara. My mother in law helped my husband with the shirts and went to the grocery store to purchase the cake I never made.

Amazingly, the house looked normal for the party. The kids were well behaved. The food came out better than I even expected (if I do say so myself-- mushroom and artichoke lasagna is my new favorite). The party was a blast. The kids were well behaved and the adults were able to hang out for hours. It was a really cool second birthday for Clark, and I'm so happy to be blessed with friends and relatives who love me enough to step in when I need help, and stick around to help me celebrate. Without them, where would I be? Probably still standing in the kitchen, in my underwear.

(the happy birthday boy)


  1. My husband would never eat it, but mushroom and artichoke lasagna sounds SO good! Will you please share the recipe?

  2. It was a wonderful birthday party. Emerson is proudly wearing her "Clark's birthday" shirt right now. I hope this week is more mellow for you.

  3. Birthday Party days can be so chaotic, it sounds like you pulled it off though :) The shirt looks great :) You did it!

  4. The party was wonderful; we had a really, really good time. I would also love that recipe. You did a great job, and friends are just the best.

  5. The shirt looks great! Even if it did come at a high stress price. Isn't it so great to have people who love you and take care of you? It sounds like the party was a huge success no matter what. Good work.

  6. Clark's party was so fun! It was great to be able to get out and talk with everyone for a bit. You did an amazing job. Really wonderful!

  7. goodness that shirt is way cute. i would like one in my size, please. more realistically i would like your recipe as well.

    that birthday boy is also way cute. i bet he loved the party (and had no idea how stressed you were.) parents are like magic that way.

  8. your party sounds very similar to ours, especially the part where you argue with your hubby:)
    Clark looks so cute all dressed up!

  9. I had quite the laugh with this post. Lasanga in your underwear and a crime scene bathroom- that's sounds priceless. I could imagine being in the situation!

    ps- thanks for praying :)