the seasons, they go round and round

I'm not really a New Years resolution type. I mean, button earrings are one thing, but setting goals in stone for a year I know nothing about (today was good, I guess I do know that one little thing about 2009) seems silly. There are many things I need to work on. SO MANY things. Little things and big things.

(from my high school notebook)

Qualities I want to focus on and encourage in myself, and some quirks that have probably run their course and need to be suppressed. Relationships to cultivate and relationships to let go. Many many things to remind myself that it is okay to do (not always be self deprecating) and things that it is not okay to do (gossip).

I also need to soak up every moment of my baby girl's first year and spend thoughtful in-the-moment time with my toddler, who will likely turn into a full-blown kid right before my eyes in 2009.

Learning to use my sewing machine is on the list of "stuff I would like to do sometime in the very vague future", but resolving to accomplish it in the coming year? Health and income and life as I know are not even all resolved. They are what I have right now and what I am thankful for, but not a promise for the future. I don't have a life plan because I can't have a life plan. I am on God's plan. It is a mystery to me and may or may not follow the path I am imagining in my head.

So in the spirit of all things holiday and new and fresh, I suppose I will offer a few hopeful maybes for the year to come and a few reminders to myself-- many of these are things I tell myself every day in the shower. Okay. Not always in the shower. I don't shower every day. I'm a mom. Maybe "showering" should go on the list.

--> learn to use my sewing machine
--> listen to more music and watch less tv
--> be friendly to strangers
--> cook more
--> be encouraging to others
--> keep on top of the toenail polish situation
--> not get caught up in the games people play
--> put myself out there
--> not take things personally
--> learn how to be direct without being rude
--> accept that I can't make everyone happy and I can't be perfect
--> pray with focus
--> stop stressing about the dirty kitchen
--> find time to take a hot bath when I need a break
--> it's okay to need a break right?
--> breaks are normal. people without breaks are not nice or healthy and often have to drink diet Pepsi to get the energy to brew the coffee.
--> accept that I'm a coffee drinker
--> (let's be honest, coffee addict)

(again from my high school notebook. if i drew this picture now there would be some levers and some pulleys all hooked up to a very extra large mug of coffee.)


  1. This is a Joni reference, right? : )


  2. You're so smart not to set those resolutions in stone. Your goal list will motivate you.

    I say "Go for it," in the sewing category. Your baby girl is only a baby for such a little while, and then you'll have to sew big things, and - believe me - it's a lot more time consuming and expensive to sew things an 11yo would wear.

    There's an awesome blog w/ lots of mommy-friendly sewing tutorials, Sew Mama Sew.

    Just Pure Lovely

  3. I love your list. I have complete confidence in your ability to sew very lovely things. JoAnn fabric even offers sewing 101 classes that could maybe get you started enough that you could really take off with the abundance of awesome online tutorials available.

  4. is that a salamander up there in your head? So funny.

  5. I love, love reading your blog, even though I don't comment often. These goals are awesome. I especially like that more than one is about accepting things the way they are. I probably need to think about some goals like that, too.

  6. love your list. I too need to learn to use my sewing machine. It's a daunting task when the machine looks so complicated. BTW do we live in the same area? you can email me if you don't want to put that out there on your blog but I just thought I would ask, I'm always looking for a good mom friend to hang out with.

  7. i also like your list very much. i have decided that rather than resolutions, i will make a list of the changes i want to make this year, and check them off. i LOVE a good check-off list.

  8. Hi there... I just clicked over from Steph's site!

    I love these:
    find time to take a hot bath when I need a break
    --> it's okay to need a break right?
    --> breaks are normal. people without breaks are not nice or healthy and often have to drink diet Pepsi to get the energy to brew the coffee.

    I am constantly trying to reassure myself that it is okay to take a break. I think I'm going to paste this on my wall. Seriously.


    Okay. I just typed printed that out and pasted it to my wall.

    Thank you! I think I'm going to go and post it on our blog too.

  9. Just found your blog through 5 Minutes for Mom. I agree with you, we need to let go of some of those relationships and focus on your daughter! Time goes by fast. I let myself get too busy with stuff last year and lost focus of my priorities.

  10. I love this one: "spend thoughtful in-the-moment time with my toddler." That's on my list too!

    Oh, and I don't take showers every day either. Nor do I aspire to that in this "season" of my life. Every other day is okay, right?!? ;)