a thank you for a friend

Emily (who I have not seen in years) sent Clark a birthday gift today. And she sent me a pie pan, so I will no longer have to resort to making square pie. This girl is just plain thoughtful, and this is what I love about blogging. You can be friendly in so many new ways. So Emily, this little video is for you. And I want you to know that I think of you every time I spread my condiments with a spoon.

An except from the card she included:

"Thank you for reading my blog and letting me read yours-- it's been great to reconnect, and though our lives seem very different, I'd like to think we both have a lot of appreciation for the magic in them."

It's so true, and really the heart of the reason I recently started this public blog. It's good to appreciate the little things that make life interesting and at the same time make and grow friendships with all kinds of people in between your daily tasks.

I hope you don't me mind me sharing that Emily but I loved it and have put it on my fridge where I will periodically smile it from now on.

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  1. erin, i do not mind at all! that little video warmed my heart (literally, hands clasped over my heart, big goofy grin while i watched.) i agree--the best thing about blogging is making and growing friendships, and i am thankful for the chance to reconnect!

    and your new hair is super cute.