channeling Nancy Drew

My iPod Touch just went missing for about two hours. I usually know where it is at all times because a) I'm an addict and b) I have a two year old. If I don't know where something is there is a high likelihood it is in a toilet or garbage can.

I knew I had used it this morning
I knew where I was sitting.
I knew it wasn't there anymore.

I looked at what was in the general area of its last known whereabouts. A Viewmaster. Some stuffed animals. Clark's digital camera. (And a bell and a book and a candle and a monocle, if this were an actual mystery.) Hmm.

Maybe Clark took my iPod into his room and got out his camera instead?

I went in his room and looked on his toyshelf. The basket that usually contains his camera was empty. I looked directly underneath the toyshelf in the same area as the basket. There were cobwebs. And... way way in the back corner something silver.

Oh yes. My iPod.

I have no clue how long it would have taken me to look there if the thought hadn't struck me.

I'm adding "girl detective" to my official job description. (Along with cook, maid, puppetmaster, actor, librarian, interior designer, driver, laundress, Thomas train track builder, and organizer.)

He looks rather suspicious, don't you think?


  1. Hilarious. I have found myself trying to think like a two-year-old many times as I search for lost keys and wallets. Although, if you know my husband at all, you realize that I really should concentrate more on thinking like a 32-year-old. It's about 50/50 on who actually misplaced them.

  2. Ha! It's like Levi. He hides EVERYTHING! Glad you found your phone. I found my keys in a gift bag around Christmas time. Where do they come up with their hiding spots???!
    Hmmm...and the term "laundress" nearly makes the job sound glamorous.

  3. Please, I am trying to find something 75% of my time. I should be a P I.

  4. that's so funny! I was looking for a pair of little slippers a few weeks ago and I asked my husband if he had seen them then he starts looking and I ask my 6 yr old. She has no idea. I asked my 4 yr old, no clue. we look and look and look. Then it dawns on me. I know my 2 yr old put them somewhere. Why haven't I asked her. so I asked her and she says "They're in the lunch box". She was right.
    I despise looking for things

  5. so funny, puppetmaster. i love those unexpected 3 hour hold-ups, as i go searching high and low (literally) for keys, ipods, sunglasses, cell phones, and most recently, a brand new tube of toothpaste.

  6. So funny! Our 2-year-old LOVES our iPhones. It's actually quite amazing. She knows how to use it - how to find movies and photos and games...! All of the "important" stuff. :)