frou frou

Six months ago right now I was watching the Olympics. Or maybe I had just turned them off. It was the very last event in Women's gymnastics and I had stayed up to watch through the medal ceremony. I was so tired and so uncomfortable. I had had several weeks of stop and start prodromal labor contractions that felt ohsoreal and ohsouncomfortable and then went ohNOwhere. I sort of told people about it, but what's the point? It's hard to explain that it really feels like you're in labor and then it really goes away every single night. "Oh, Braxton Hicks" they inevitably say. No, not Braxton Hicks. Something like that but these are intense. And feel like labor. And are impossible to sleep through.

I had imaginary conversations with Alice in my head a lot. I tried to mentally coax her to find a way out or at least send me some kind of signal when things were really happening. My first pregnancy ended in induction. This going-into-labor magical froufrou stuff I had heard about was all brand new to me. Part of me very sadly believed my body was broken and would never figure things out.

At 6am on August 20th, I woke up. I kind of maybe thought I was kind of maybe in labor.
At 7am things were getting intense.
At 8:30am we drove to the hospital. I walked to the car barefoot and moaning like a crazy lady. I went through transition in the car. I don't recommend this.
At 9am I was trying to get the baby out. (This part required every drop of energy I could muster. She was persistent posterior and asynclitic aka facingupandsideways)
By 10:30am, my little daughter was staring at me and I knew she was beautiful and I knew she was worth it and I would have done it all over again right on the spot if I had to.

Alice Vivian - on her birthday.

Alice Vivian - the six month old.

(This was her first taste of "food" and she made it very clear she prefers milk. Oh, and she has very obviously gained nearly 12 pounds since she was born. Most of it in the cheeks. )


  1. Ahhhh!! So cute. I am not ready for MJ to be six months yet. He's 3 months now. Time flies too quickly.

    And holy fast labor, Batman!

  2. She is so sweet. I can't believe its been six months. Your birth story still amazes me. I am seriously inspired to try natural next time. Want to be my doula? :-) AND lactation consultant!? :-) Happy six months Miss Alice!

  3. And some sweet cheeks they are!! Her birth story is beautiful. And, isn't it just amazing how after all of the pain you look at that lovely, perfect face and know that it would have been totally worth it even if the pain was a hundred times worse?!

  4. I love that story. Happy 6 months, little girl.

    And contractions like that are oh-so-irritating. I like to think of Feb. 29th, 2004 as Audra's birthday. But it's not, it just feels like it should be....rather than March the 2nd, when labor got down to business and she was actually born.

  5. Awww, what a CUTIE!! My 4 month old looks about her size lol

    I went through transition in the car too. I agree, don't recommend it AT ALL! She was out LITERALLY 10 minutes after we got to the hospital. I HATE hospitals, so I wanted to wait as long as possible. Almost too long, I guess. What did I know? I had an epidural early in labor with my 1st one (before I was even having to concentrate on breathing) and didn't feel much of anything.

    Looking forward to doing it all over again one day too!

    Happy 6 month to your lil' one!

  6. They grow up so quickly. And into mighty adorable little things might I add?

    Transition in a car...fun, fun. I went from 5 to complete in an hour and it was incredibly intense but I was in a hospital bed, not a bumpy car!


  7. My second was stubborn and came out the same way. She looked like gumby. I still kick myself for missing the picture of her head. I think I was just so happy she was out. Hang on to those cheeks! (not literally, mind you, she might object!)