I know it will eventually be Spring. I know it. But I can't feel it.

For dinner I ate fancy British Lemon Lady cookies (or biscuits if you want to be that way about it) dipped into Funfetti Icing. Clark had tantrums all week. It was 8 degrees today. I pretended it was bedtime an hour earlier than it actually was, and Clark fell for it. (It was for the greater good.) I am on day number three without a shower.

But everyone in this family cracks me up. So oh well.


("That dolphin eating those crabs! Oh nooo!" Clark says in a very gruff voice.)


  1. Ha! You do have a funny little fella'.
    Is it really 8 degrees. Ouch!! We complain down here if it falls into the 30's or 40's. As in we become convinced that we will freeze to death.

  2. P.S. Thanks so much for your comment. Sharing your story made me feel a lot better about my situation. In my heart I trust that everything will work into God's plan in God's time, but in my head the uncertainty can be very unnerving. It's so good to hear about positive, real life outcomes. :)

  3. Clark is very very funny. Laughing definitely helps get through the cold and unshowered times. :)

  4. I don't know where you live exactly, but I'm in Ohio and it's been the same temperature here.. brrr! Yesterday coming home from school though, my little buddies and I spotted a plump mama robin sitting in a tree. It gave me a little bit of hope that spring is on it's way.. well, eventually.

    Oh, and I remember those many days in a row of not showering.. not that I have much more time to myself now, but once they get a little older and start keeping each other entertained more, it does get a wee bit easier! :)

  5. i love that he called the frogs crabs.