in defense of the facebook meme

When I was in high school I really wanted everyone to fall into a deep sleep so I could go around and turn their backpacks inside out and see what kind of stuff they carried around. (I am not joking. I was really curious.) That stuff, those random things, I thought, would tell me much more about them than what I got from our day to day phony teenage interactions.

I never got to do that. (It's probably for the best. It's kind of a creepy idea in retrospect.) But hey guess what? The last three weeks Facebook (aka 24/7 High School reunion) brought the virtual equivalent-- 25 Random Things About Me-- to my inbox around the clock. And I have loved reading every single one. Really.

I know this particular meme has been ridiculed by many. I saw the mocking on twitter and heard it from my hubby and read it in Time. And I'm going to be honest. This mocking got on my nerves.

Maybe just maybe, we don't have to be too cool 100% of the time. Maybe we really can fish around inside and pull out things to share with others and not only live to tell about it but also find friendship, communitiy and even a few kindred spirits along the way. A huge reward in my opinion. And all it takes it putting yourself out there and feeling immensely dorky for about fifteen minutes.

Here we all are in our little houses, doing many of the same things at the very same time as one another. At the same time yet not together. So instead together we blog. And twitter. And write and read facebook memes. And shed the self consciousness and bad dorky feeling and just go for it. (Even in the face of serious teasing by one's husband.) To be SOCIAL. And to be interested, perplexed, and entertained by the amazingness of other personalities.

It's such a cool blessing from God that we each get our own personality. Think about that for a second. We each get our own personality. Please please please don't be afraid to flash yours around.


  1. I agree with you. I like reading those things about people. It makes me feel closer to them. I wrote stuff on mine that a lot of people didn't know. I've seen the mocking on blogs and twitter and that's fine. those people don't need to participate.

  2. Hey- It's your movie! : ) I love that about our blogs and our twitter and our facebook... all of our social spaces are our own individual places to put whatever we want. Kinda like our lockers (I had a really cool decorated locker). And by now we all know that NO ONE is 100% cool ever anyway. And that's what brings us closer, I think.


  3. I love those memes! They really do show so much about people. And, what a wonderful miracle it is that we are all so unique.

  4. I LOVE reading the 25 things but I haven't done one-yet!

  5. Having just done one, I can say I think anyone who does a 25 things meme is totally cool. ;)


  6. i completely agree. i thought it was some dumb phenomenon (similar to the star wars kid, pbj time, or sneezing baby panda) until i started reading them. i was floored by how interesting people's lists were, and by how little i knew about those i thought i knew really well. i enjoyed reading yours, by the way.

  7. And that's why I love reading your blog so much. You are just you, and not put off by people's posing. I love that you are married to a professional mocker, and you still just keep being yourself. Good thing yourself is so very cool.

  8. I totally agree. I am finding as I get older, well to me (25 yrs) that I get more and more comfortable with me and who I truly am, not who society wants me to be. Although that lady is still very much there. I loved the 25 random things, and yes I will even out my husband for reading them. : ) Thanks so much for being brave and sharing your thoughts.

  9. it's very true!
    I remember reading a meme you did a while ago, and it was nice to get to know you a little bit, like a window into your life, even though we will probably never meet!
    I think that finding out strange details about other people makes us realize, we're all humans and we're do different. But yet, so the same! we all have insecurites but being more open about ourselves makes us face those insecurites and hopefully, push past them.

    well that was a mouthful! keep up the honest work! :)

  10. Absolutely Erin. You are absolutely right. I want to tell you to give them hell or something. ;)

  11. i totally agree, erin! i loved reading 25 things about people i both know and don't know, and i loved writing mine. (i thought about them for awhile before committing.) i wrote something similar on my other blog (because who doesn't have more than one blog these days?): http://emilyinternet.tumblr.com/post/79456616/oh-and-also-and-im-really-gonna-nerd-out-here

    anyways, the men in our lives never seem to understand how much we can care about our blog friends (who sometimes turn into real-life friends and sometimes don't, and both are ok.)

  12. Erin, I just loved this post! I couldn't agree more! I get made fun of so much for facebooking and blogging but people that don't put themselves out there and dare to be "not cool" have no idea of the friendship and community that is built via these venues. I love your insight :-) Seriously...I have a birthday gift card for Clark. I don't understand why its so hard for me to drive to your house to give it to you.
    On a second thought...have you ever been to Traders Point church to play at their playland? I've never been but heard its fabulous. I'm meeting a friend there next Thursday morning...wanna come? :-)