Oscars 09! For real! Or um, pretend

When I was a little girl I truly believed that I would one day be a famous actress. And attend the Academy Awards, of course. I held onto that dream for much longer than I will publicly admit.

Each and every year I turn to TheFrock.com, and imagine choosing a dress for the event. The choices are always amazing and vintage and beaded and lovely and just humor me, okay?

So here we go!

This year if I were at the Oscars, I would be wearing... (ta da!)

And thanks to the magic of Photoshop, here ya go:

LOL. There I am! I'm waiting in the green room or whatever they call it to accept or deliver an Oscar. Or maybe just maybe I am a silly twentysomething mom nursing her baby and taking her photo with a webcam and then photoshopping it onto Sarah Jessica Parker's head. Ho-hum. Take your pick.

What would YOU wear? (Next year I am totally going to plan ahead and ask everyone else to join in me in my craziness by linking up... mostly so I don't feel ridiculous. And it's fun imagining yourself in a specific gown all night. I think I may have a disturbingly good imagination.)


  1. Have I ever mentioned how rip roaring hilarious you are? Seriously you're going to make me pee from laughing one of these fine days!

  2. Nice pick! I love your dress choices each year. I think I would be way more into picking a dress for myself if it didn't involve having to imagine myself a new body as well...