Uh, you know how my internet was out?

I'll bet you thought I used that time constructively, right?
Alone with my thoughts and whatnot? (And by alone I mean closing my eyes and pretending the kids aren't in the bathroom with me.)
I used my creative energy this weekend to make myself and Alice matching hairclips.
Matching hairclips.

I am 25, why do I even need a hairclip let alone one that matches my daughter's? What is wrong with me?

Let me derail the lame train by showing you photos of my oh-so-beautiful-baby so you get all starry eyed and forget how dorky I am.


I love the drool trickling down her chin. I'm her mom. It's okay for me to think her spit is cute, right?


  1. I think that is a great use of time. She is so darling. And that bow is complimenting her well :)


  2. That is one adorable hairclip! And, let me tell you, if ever have a little girl, I'll be right there with you matching hairclips and all.

  3. That drool is adorable - and I'm not her mom, so I know what I'm talking about!

  4. The hair clip is very cute, I think matching accessories is a great use of time! Also, are you using aprons as cafe curtains in your kitchen? Brilliant!

  5. yes, i think you ARE allowed to having matching hair clips, as long as they are that adorable, and you promise to make all your faithful readers matching hairclips as well.

    matchy matchy!

    anyways, um, thanks for the assuming profile compliment. It probably was the strangest you received or I've gotten, but it was appreciated nonetheless!

    ;) hehe

  6. I was checking blogs with The Girl on my knee and she said "awwwwww!" as soon as your page came up. What a gorgeous baby!
    (thanks for your kind words - that's lovely to hear!)

  7. She's so cute!

    But now I really want to see a picture of you with YOUR hairclip in... :)