a Valentine kind of day

We dropped the two year old off with his Gaga and kept the baby. (Funny how having a five-month old with us is now the closest we get to alone time.) We had a very Erin-centric day.

We headed straight to one of my happy places, Midland Antiques Market.
There was so much stuff I loved that we didn't buy anything at all. I was too overwhelmed and sort of broke. That happens.

We then had lunch at Shalimar, my favorite Indian restaurant. I had enough punches on my frequent visitor card for a free meal, so we splurged on soft drinks.

Then we went to the mall. The Mall. I kind of hate the mall. But today, without Clark (I love you Clark but honey you are hard work) it was like a luxury vacation. We walked around. There was some silence. Anthropologie always cheers me up.

Then we went home. Clark and Alice went to bed. And now we're watching Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist because we love Michael Cera and Valentine's Day is all about love.

We did all the silly stuff I like to do from sun up to sun down. We should totally get a babysitter and head out to sing karaoke, but I don't own an appropriately sparkly outfit (that fits) and the outfit is half the fun. Maybe next year.

Happy V Day, ya'll.


  1. Oh, how I love Anthropologie. I would move in, if they'd let me. Or wouldn't have me arrested. Whatever. I'm glad you have such a wonderful day!

  2. Awww! What fun! Happy Valentine's day.

  3. Midland Antiques and Shalimar. Two of the things I would move to Berkeley if I could (besides my whole family). I am glad you guys had a good Valentine's Day.

  4. It sounds like a great kind of day!

    We spent ours laughing, giggling, spending time together on the couch just us and the baby.

    It was nice.