i'm super bad at math, but i think this adds up to "motherhood"

Hours I've been awake: 3

Times I've taken Clark potty: 3

Number of outfits Clark has worn so far today: 3

Number of outfits Alice has worn so far today: 2

Number of outfits I have worn so far today: still in my pajamas

Number of hair accessories tried on myself: 1

Number I am actually wearing: 1

Number of hair accessories tried on Alice: 5

Number she is actually wearing: 0

Number of things spit into my hand so far: 3 (cereal, a chewed-up jumbo sized crayon, and actual spit)

Cups of coffee: 2.5

Times Clark has told me "Nutcrackers are scary": about 6

Times Clark has told me "I'm hungry mommy": oh, dozens (He is going through a hungry phase and has eaten more than I have today.)

Books read out loud: 1 (Go Dog, Go)

Books Clark has gotten in trouble for coloring in: 1 (Go Dog, Go)

Markers taken away from Clark: 3 (And I hear him getting into them again as I write this.)

Number of times Clark has barged in and woken Alice up as I was getting her to drift off to sleep: 2

Hours until Luke gets home: 7

And he wonders what I do all day.


  1. Ha! Motherhood is certainly a wild ride!

  2. Math is an amazing thing...mix it with motherhood of young children and I swear it equates to calculus or differential equations or something.

  3. This will keep me smiling all day. Some days, it's just too scary to do the math. I'm not sure I want to know what it all adds up to!

  4. This is hysterical and will make me smile as I A.) remove markers from my suspicious 1 yr. old B.) collect food items in my hand and C.) get relentless requests for snacks all day long. Thanks for a good start to my morning.

  5. Those numbers are priceless. All of them made me smile and wish I was home with my little ones, less the spitting things in hair item. lol

  6. Love it - I'm right there with you!