you capture, week 2

The challenge: to take a photo of something ordinary from a new perspective.

I almost forgot all about it this week, but I'm posting at the last minute anyway. I want to make myself actually commit and participate in something instead of flaking out right away.

(This is something I'm working on.)

(Also, this week Beth is giving away a camera strap cover to a random participant and I sure would love to win.)

This is our chandelier.
I found it hidden way back in the corner of the basement of our old house. I think it was the original chandelier from that 1948 dining room, but the previous owners had replaced it with a much less interesting Lowe's fixture. We brought it to this house when we moved in, and had it rewired and hung.

You can see it is slightly rusty. This is because I am kind of irresponsible and accidentally left it outside for about three days when we were moving into this house. And it was rained on. This was obviously before it was rewired. Anyway. I tell myself it gives it character. Character I put there with my ADD.

(The second photo is just to show you what the chandelier looks like when I am not underneath it.)

(Also, the layout of this entry is really bothering me. It is messy looking and I am too tired to fix it so I am going to leave it as is and go to bed and not let myself get back up when Luke is asleep to fix it. I don't want to be such a perfectionist about the appearance of everything, including silly things no one else cares about, all the time. It's a problem I have and I'm working on it.)

(Also, remember when I said I was "working on" not using parenthesis so much?)

(Also, I did go back and edit the layout of the post so it is a little cleaner. I cannot control myself.)


  1. This is a really neat picture. To me it looked like some kind of robotic spider on a glass table. At first glance I thought the perspective was from the top looking down. Very cool. (and I see no clutter!) (And parenthesis are way cool.)

  2. Nice pic! The chandelier is fabulous!! Way better than anything they have at Lowe's......Your layout is fine and dandy. No worries. Just get some rest. Which reminds me, I could use some of that too.

  3. I love the shot looking up. Great capture!

  4. I have always loved your chandelier and between all of our kids running around, I have never had a chance to ask you how you found it. Now I know! Fun!!

  5. That first picture almost looks like some kind of sea creature, very cool! (Great sense of humor too!) haha I enjoy the same ADD/perfectionism myself...oh what joy! :)

  6. Gorgeous chandelier. I can't imagine anyone not wanting it hung in their house!

  7. I love the photo. I thought it was a jelly fish or something along those lines at first. Never would have guessed a chandelier.

  8. I love the perspective of your shot! It's a beautiful chandelier, too! I couldn't figure it out at first either, and thought it was some cool knob or something.

    And yes, the rust does give it character, and the layout of your post is great! (I'm kinda OCD about that kinda stuff, too!)

    Great capture!

  9. beautiful picture and what a find with that chandelier, it is GORGEOUS!

  10. What a beautiful chandelier! It's so funny because we took the same picture! Cept mine shows how dated our house is, so I decided not to play along this week. LOL I need a new kick butt chandelier like yours! So stunning. And your photo is beautiful.