a bird in a cage

Due to an unusual set of circumstances, today I found myself very briefly alone on a property that houses several abandoned pole barns, an old bathtub, and roosters. With my camera.

I was too afraid to get close to the enormous grumpy roosters but I did spot this guy:

hello cardinal

Hello little cardinal. Do you see him there in the window?
He stared at me for awhile and I stared back, with a vaguely peculiar feeling of experiencing something familiar and also funny-- peeking inside at a bird who was staring out at me. I was a little intimidated somehow, like he owned the place. I didn't want to stare him right in the face.

And then he fluttered away.

goodbye cardinal


And I drove off, back to real life where birds are properly outside and people properly peering from the curtains.

(As much fun as it is to imagine, I don't think I would actually like to converse with a cardinal. Or have an argument with a grumpy rooster.)


  1. Ok, that was weird but so cool!


  2. What a very odd and creepy day, that makes for a very interesting post!

  3. Oh how eeery! Very cool, but very eeeeery.

  4. I am very curious how this all came about. :)

  5. Grumpy roosters definitely scary. Steering clear of such critters is using your smarts. ;)
    The photos are fabulous-a bit on the surreal side. Love them!

  6. that's so strange - that's a very large birdhouse.

  7. Okay, I could FINALLY see the pictures. If you are ever wondering why I don't comment (cuz I'm sure it really occupies your mind :-) ) it's because my weird internet sometimes doesn't download the pictures, so I'm missing the main point. Anyway... the switched places was a very cool moment. But I'm also wondering where you were and how that happened?