I had a point, once. I think.

My brain is all dried up.

Today we didn't do a single thing. We didn't leave the house. It rained all day. We changed from our pajamas into our clothes, and then from our clothes back into our pajamas.

Alice is on this kick where she won't sleep unless I am holding her. She is sometimes okay if I am just touching her. (I am touching her right now. With my foot. She isn't picky.)

Also, I can tell she is my second baby and not my first because I honest-to-goodness just remembered that baby sign language even exists. She is 8 months old, and when Clark was her age I had been wildly signing to him for months with a crazy mom look on my face.

I really miss sleep.
I am so glad the breathing treatments are over.
I am tired of getting up and doing stuff in the middle of the night.
I am tired of waking up feeling like I never slept.
I am just plain tired.
I think even my hair is tired.

I had a dream last night that my hair was growing long. I was looking into a mirror and watching it grow, right before my eyes (kind of like one of those weird hair-grow dolls I had when I was a kid.) It was silky and manageable and straight and I felt fantastic. Really. I was pretty pleased with myself, looking into the dream mirror and seeing my dream hair. When I woke up, I didn't have silky long dream hair anymore. I had slept-on wet short hair in a barely-reaching ponytail. This doesn't have a point or a moral or anything. If you want one of those, you're reading the wrong blog. Tonight, anyway, you are reading the wrong blog.


  1. I'm happy to hear that the breathing treatments are over. That must have been very hard indeed.

    I wish you lots of rest and sleep and splendid surprises in the coming week...


  2. I have been dreaming that my camera makes sense to me...so I totally get the hair thing.

  3. Oh I love your posts they are so true to life. Praise God the treatments are over. Paying you get some peace and rest. We've had sleepless nights here as well. I am pooped.

  4. The foot touching Alice cracks me up. And your comment about signing with that Clark, that's me right now-haha. :) And I laughed about your dream. Your posts are just plain funny. Thanks for sharing. And I will pray that you get sleep! BTW- would you like to go to the zoo soon? I have a membership- you could be my guest, Alice is free, and you would only have to pay for Clark. :) Let me know!

  5. I remember all the tiredness. It does get better. Sleep when you can. Most things can wait.

  6. I am thinking about coming home again in May. It would be for closer to a week this time. Enough time to squeeze in a visit with my bestie. Tom said I can't if swine flu gets any worse. Hahahaha. We will see.

  7. Oh, I hope you get some sleep soon!!! So glad the breathing treatments are over. Be encouraged though, at least you got out of your pjs, even if just to get back into them.

  8. I hope things shift for the better soon and you get some good rest and renewed energy. xoxo.