it may seem like a dream


1pm: Attempt to distract Clark from his mysterious coughing/wheezing illness by turning on a borrowed copy of Cars.

1:10: Clark makes it very clear that he hates Cars.

1:15: Attempt to distract Clark from his mysterious coughing/wheezing illness by turning on a borrowed copy of Finding Nemo.

1:30: Clark also hates Finding Nemo.

1:45: Attempt to distract Clark from his mysterious coughing/wheezing illness by turning on My Neighbor Totoro, a movie we already owned.

1:47: Clark positively sequels in delight over Totoro from the moment the credits begin. He laughs! He smiles! He sits on the couch! SCORE! (Also, my child has great taste. )

3pm: "Let's watch that Totoro movie again, mom." cough cough wheeze wheeze cough

3:15: I start the movie over.

5pm: "Let's watch my Totoro movie one more time mom!" cough cough wheeze wheeze cough

5:15: I distract Clark from his mad desire to watch Totoro by making him an early dinner.

6pm: Luke doesn't know any better and per Clark's request turns on Totoro.

8pm: We decide to take Clark to Urgent Care for the bad breathing. Breathing, in my experience, is kind of important.

9pm: Arrive at Urgent Care. I force Luke and Alice to come too, because I'm nervous about the whole thing and want the support. Alice falls asleep on the way, so Luke stays in the car playing Moxie.

9:15: Take Clark potty at Urgent Care. When it's my turn to use the potty Clark decides to throw the door wide open, leave it open, and run wild into the waiting area. And there is not a single thing I can do about it.

9:45pm: Clark gets a breathing treatment. He insists I sing the Totoro song for the entire 15 minutes that he wears the breathing mask. His breathing greatly improves. (thank you Lord)

10pm: We get in the car with Luke (who now has a crazy high Moxie score) and sleeping Alice and discover... the car battery is dead.

10:01: We decide to wait 15 minutes before we call one of our moms to come jump the car.

10:03: I remember there is a case of coldish beer in the trunk and get myself a drink. It's around this time that I decide being stuck in a parking lot with my whole family isn't really the worst way you could spend a Saturday night.

10:30: Have the car jump started by mom.

11pm: Go to Walgreens with my mom, brothers and very hyper two year old. Purchase some questionable items out of the 75% off Easter section.

11:30: Pick up pizza.

12am: Eat pizza while watching... Totoro. Again.

1am: Get all of four of our family members into our King Sized bed.

Rest of the night: Kind of sleep, kind of get kicked all night by rolly-bed-hog Clark. Check 459 times that Clark hasn't put a pillow on Alice's face.

That was last night. Tonight Alice is throwing up. My house is filled with laundry that has been puked on, peed on, or is disgusting in some other less specific way.

Someone please send cupcakes.

Can you imagine me singing this loud enough for Clark to hear over his breathing machine (so really really loud) in the totally silent Urgent Care center? I did. I sang it SO LOUD.
"Now begins a new adventure for YOUUU and you'll be with TO-TO-RO, TO-TO-RO!"

I'm sure the nurses loved us. They got to see me use the toilet and hear me sing, all in one night.


  1. I love this post! I love that you sang TO-TO-RO outloud and drank a trunk-beer in the parking lot and bought old Easter clearance in the middle of the night. Oh, and I love cupcakes.

    I think we may be soul mates.

  2. You made this all sound charming :) At Ian's first emergency breathing treatment I had to sing Old MacDonald over and over, loudly. Only he needed 2 treatments...and unlike you - I do not sing in tune.
    Anyway, you have a great attitude and a way of making things sounds almost fun. The beer was downright brilliant. I miss beer.

  3. This might be your best post yet. My husband even asked who you were the other day... I told him for the 10th time! He has been reading you blog from the link on ours and said "she is really funny". I don't remember my Saturday night, but you should have called, we could have had a beer together in the parking lot while Luke jumped the car!

  4. So sorry things are crazy for you right now. I'm glad you can have such a great sense of humor about it all. You are an awesome mommy. :) Praying everyone is feeling better soon and you get the rest you need!

  5. I was really praying for you this morning. I hope all is better today!


  6. I just had to smile and smile, imagining you singing that song in the urgent care. Not so much smiling about the sick babies, though. I'm really praying for you. And I so, so want to make cupcakes for you right now.

  7. I really enjoyed this post ! you sound like a wonderful mom :) And the beer outta the trunk thing .. totally reminded me of something my parents would do .. and the 75% off Easter items .. definitely my mother .
    you and your family will be in my prayers .. hopefully everyone gets to feeling better soon :)

  8. This is totally the mom version of the time we picked up Trojan Horse at 11pm on a very snowy evening and got a flat tire. Only instead of having beer in the trunk, we had some weird dude asking us if we had burritos in the trunk. And Luke rescued us instead of your mom. Hahaha.

  9. Oh, wow. That is quite the adventure. So glad the breathing machines helped Clark. Sick little ones can be so scary! Hope Alice is feeling better soon. I know you're probably ready to pull your hair out with two sick little ones. Somebody better get you some cupcakes!!!

  10. Oh my - it sounds like you've had one crazy week! I wish I could send cupcakes. Truly. I'd send carrot cake ones with cream cheese frosting {Do you like carrot cake?}...