This week I learned...

...that adding an animal name to a flu makes it ten times scarier sounding.

...that sometimes I have to bribe my kid and that's okay. As long it is for health reasons. (Your mental health counts too!)

...that it's impossible to make every single person in your life "happy" at the same time.

...that being "happy" isn't really what it's all about anyway.

...that it IS possible to watch one movie 25 times in a week.

...that My Neighbor Totoro is really kind of fantastic. Even after watching it 25 times in a week.

...that Clark really really REALLY REALLY loves car washes.

...that you sometimes have to let other people help you even when you want to do it all by yourself. It can even be a blessing to that willing-to-help person to have the opportunity to make a difference in your life.

...that talking to myself in my head is not as satisfying as talking to you all on my blog.

...that little feet clad in too-big rubber boots should probably not be dangled. Unless someone else is interested in putting the too-big rubber boots back on the little feet. Over. And over. And over.



  1. Love this post! I agree on all. Especially the boots :)

  2. You've had quite the week! Love the photo.

  3. All very true. The first one made me laugh because I've been thinking the same thing. And the picture is awesome.

  4. Oh I know it! Swine flu ... yikes and yuck!