THE (weird cough) THING RETURNS!

Oh hey, so you know that mysterious coughing/wheezing illness Clark had on Saturday?

It was asthma. (I know several of you are probably saying duh, Erin, that's what asthma IS in your head, but I honestly had no clue.)

I took Clark yesterday to follow up with the pediatrician after the incident on Saturday, thinking his lungs sounded all better but that maybe he was having some allergy symptoms and we should probably talk about it. TALK about it. I thought that's what we were doing at that appointment. Instead, she totally checked him out, and announced that without a doubt, he has asthma. His lungs that I thought sounded "all better"? They apparently sound all wrong.

I should have seen this coming. He has this "weird cough thing" that he gets sometimes, that I have always raised an eyebrow at but never gotten too worked up over. Uh, yeah.

Weird cough thing = asthma = mom fail.

I was sent home with medicine and equipment and various apparatus. They started us off with EIGHT (8!) breathing treatments per day, as well as oral steroids. Figuring it all out and making Clark comply? It's been way way WAY harder than potty training.

Many many prayers, bribes, and viewings of Jessi and Ian's videos later-- he will finally do his "dinosaur medicine" breathing treatments. Without clawing me. Or biting me. Or throwing the nebulizer machine. And he asks for only two things in exchange for his cooperation: 1) Lindt Lindor truffles 2) My Neighbor Totoro turned up as loud as it will go.

I told you he has good taste. I think I would ask for the very same things.

This afternoon, Clark and Alice really interacted well for maybe the first time ever. He looked into her face and said, 'let's laugh together Alice' and asked me to tickle him. So I did, and they both laughed and laughed. But then? Clark started coughing and choking and wheezing and gasping for air. He really couldn't breathe at all. I was in a total panic. I ran towards all of the new medication we have and realized I don't even know what is what yet, or what I should do. And as I was pawing around like a bumbling idiot in an attempt to open the box with the fast-acting inhaler inside he finally caught his breath and smiled at me.
Oh, sweet boy.

I tend to be kind of a skeptic about, uh, everything, and it is hard to let go and accept that he really does have asthma, that he needs all of this stuff, these treatments to just be healthy. I am working on it. And I am so very thankful that if this is what it is-- praise God! It is just asthma. It isn't fatal. We can totally handle asthma. Praise God.



  1. Poor boy! Look at him with his "dinosaur medicine"...so sad.

    I totally related to this quote, by the way: "I tend to be kind of a skeptic about, uh, everything, and it is hard to let go and accept that he really does have asthma, that he needs all of this stuff..."

    That sounds exactly like something I would say.

    It sounds like you're taking everything in stride and that you're an awesome mama.

    Sending hugs your way...


  2. You are a great Mom and anyone can tell you love your son very much. If you don't know you just don't know. After all it could have been something like bronchitis. At least that's what I would have thought.

  3. Your poor boy but how are you to know, you sound like a great mum.

    FWIW My daughter struggled with breathing issues for years (she had problems at birth) and i never got
    it checked out , in the end it almost killed her - how is that for a bad mummy .

  4. I don't want you feeling guilty about not being a pulmonologist! Asthma has been part of our lives for 3 years now and when you talked about Clark's weird cough I never once thought it might be asthma. Different people present different symptoms. Ian's symptoms are much more easily identified as asthma - kids have weird lingering coughs all the time, how were you to know that this one was something more??
    Motherhood is hard, you are doing a wonderful job :)

  5. poor little guy, so sorry to hear about the asthma. Hang in there Clark! p.s could you record him saying "Lindt Lindor truffles" I think it would sound so cute.

  6. Look at him sitting there with his little breathing treatment! I know you've been told, but seriously, Erin, there is no way you could have known. I know I wouldn't have. And seriously, Lindt Lindor truffles and Totoro? With good taste like this, a little asthma is not going to be stopping this kid.

  7. Poor kiddo and poor mommy! Y'all have had a rough time lately.
    Don't go feeling bad about your mommying skills. I would have done the very same thing. I'll be praying for y'all as all these adjustments are made. And, you totally have the right attitude. You can handle it, and praise God!

  8. Asthma, oh boy, sorry darlin'. HUGS all around.