You Capture: Joy

The You Capture theme this week was Joy. I know that lately I've complained of being tired a lot and yes, I am often short of energy. I am not, however, short on joy. It's pretty much what keeps me going.

My heart was silently exploding when I took these pictures.


This is my girl. She is all sweetness and eyelashes and fat delicious wrists.


I drew Clark this Totoro on his chalkboard, expecting to "capture" the joy on his face when he saw it.

i drew totoro for you clark!

Instead he reacted by doing this.
clark = not impressed

This is my boy. He is a riot and a half.

blurry kisses


  1. Yay! You did it this week :) The pictures with Alice are so special and pretty and I know you were beyond joyful :) Clark is, as always, hilarious.

  2. Dear Alice,

    Even though we have never met, I love you very much.

    Aunt Marie

  3. aw. aw. aw! i dont know what else to say!


  4. CUTE!!! I agree with Molly, you have beautiful children, and you aren't so bad yourself Momma. :)

  5. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog!! You described EXACTLY the kind of photos I want to capture. I LOVE your entries as well. What a sweet relationship you captured with your cute girl!!

  6. Aw, so cute! Congrats on your sweet family!

  7. I love those pictures. And, your description of your heart exploding with joy and that getting you through exhaustion is wonderful. It's funny how horribly exhausting motherhood can be, and slap dab in the middle of desperately wanting sleep joy creeps in and makes it all worth it.

  8. your little girl has really kissable cheeks :O) - what joy for you as mommy! so cute! your son looks like he has a mind of his own - lol! great pictures, thanks for sharing.

    my 'joy' shots are posted now, too. feel free to visit my page at The Shadow of the Cross.

  9. You really captured it. Joy, that is. I love those crazy, "simple" moments best.

  10. AGHHHHH! NO WAAAAY! Clark loves Totoro too? I've been meaning to blog about my childrens' love for Totoro for over a year now! They insist on a daily basis that we have Totoros in our house (which may be squirrels in the attic. Or worse.) And they play "Mei" and "Satsuki" all the time too. When Fiona is being mean to Neve I say, "What would Satsuki do [to Mei]?" I may even get some wristbands with WWSD? on them. You're Totoro is fantastic, by the way.