"Alice" ryhmes with "palace"

All blogging/emailing/twittering/asking Google about truffling pigs/playing Pathwords on Facebook, etc., is currently being done only with permission from Alice Vivian aka babywhoonlysleepsifIamtouchingher aka Queen of the castle and my lap.

She is generally either:

A) Sleeping on me. Pro: I am sitting down. Con: See the laptop there? Juuuuuust out of reach.

Or B) Looking at me like this.

And she is so cute and squishy that I let her boss me around.

For now.


  1. She does look so sweet sleeping there. I wouldn't move her either. :)

  2. Haha, I COULD move, but then she would wake up and I couldn't enjoy the"sitting down" part anymore! :)

  3. She sounds like Levi was. Wait, what am I saying was??? Still is!!! She is absolutely adorable!

  4. She is just gorgeous. And I love the name Alice. My Eden is the same way. It passes quickly, so I am trying to savor it, knowing the day will come when they are striving for independence.

  5. So sweet. My son loves to be wrapped up like that, too.


  6. I can't stand it when I get in an awkward position and my laptop/phone are jusssttt out of reach. It's always a catch-22. Do I reeaaacchhh ever so carefully and risk waking the baby...or do I just forget about technology and stare at my pretty little girl for a minute? Often, it's the latter.

  7. I absolutely love how you call her squishy :)