I have a crush.

Maybe more than a crush.

I think maybe I love Studio Violet in the depths of my heart.

Studio Violet is run by two women, Elisabeth and Camilla who also have gorgeous inspiring blogs. Elisabeth's is a daily read for me.

I have the "Friends of Violet" print hanging in my living room, and now...

thump thump

...they have introduced Circus Violet. On reused porcelain. <---- {please click this link ---- it will make your brain flip flop}

I am smitten.

Please go check out their shop-- everything is just lovely.

Oh, and did I mention? My birthday is in a month. Ahem.


  1. Oh. my! I love it!! How insanely crushworthy is that?!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your crush :O) Those pieces are so lovely! One of them would surely go well with my collection of plates... Too bad they aren't really $1.00!

    Have a wonderful day :O)

  3. Oh my...such lovely things! Great referral :)

  4. I said a few curse words that I never thought I would use in the context of porcelain and paint as I opened their page. Wish i was loaded and could send you some birthday circus porcelain... and then myself some too. Hmph.