out of the bubble

I did something totally unlike me yesterday.

I met up with A Stranger From The Internet.

Amy, a twitter and blog friend, happened to tweet that she was in Indy all week for a business trip. She is a computer programmer and what she does looks insanely complicated to me, but she does it! Anyway, she happened to be staying on my side of town, right by the high school I graduated from. I decided to meet her at the Steak N Shake to chat for a bit. Last night was National Mom's Night Out, and Indy apparently didn't get the memo, so I thought this was an appropriate way to celebrate. When I left the house Luke said, "You can go, but she's probably gonna be a dude and you're probably gonna get abducted."

Uhh...er... thanks.

She was not a dude at all, but rather lovely, and she bought me a chocolate malt.
Thanks for meeting up Amy. (Sidenote: she was worried about the abducting thing too and brought a co-worker to protect her. We laughed about this after it was clear we were both normal.)

I think I am encouraged to do stuff like this more often.
Cause guess what?
I LIKE PEOPLE. I like talking to people. All of this "staying inside the house in my own little bubble" stuff is not super healthy or really my style.

So if you want to meet me and you are not an abducting-type dude but rather a lovely-chatty-type lady (and dude, I am smart, I can tell the difference) drop me a line.


  1. Oh My Word. I am cracking up about the Dude part. I busted out laughing and my hubby looked @ me like whats so funny. And I just had to tell him. Sounds like something he would say. I am so glad you had a lovely time. @ the end of the month, I am going into NYC for Kevin's testing & I might be meeting up with my bloggy friend Cadence. I am excited and a little nervous. I am such a dork.

  2. Oh and I totally agree with getting out of the house more often. Ah being stuck in the house makes me depressed wich leeds to more being in the house. Bad cycle. I try not to get into funks like that. But it happens.

  3. Oh, how fun! I so wish we lived closer, I'd be dying to be "real" life buddies! It's strange how isolating motherhood can be. You'd think that with all those mom's out there we wouldn't feel so darn alone.

  4. Somehow I missed this post! How fun! Also, Luke is hilarious.

  5. Well, I'm an Indy blogger mom, too, and would love to buy you a malt! I think I'm safe enough, though I can get pretty animated with my hands when I'm talking, and might knock something off the table. But I like people, too, and I like bloggers, and clever moms and clever mom bloggers. You seem to fit that nicely. Let me know if you want to meet at S&S (or elsewhere). We can talk via e-mail, so no dudes can track details.

  6. You make me laugh, Erin.

    I like this post and I like you and I would so meet you at the Steak N Shake if I lived in your town.

    Oh, and - for the record- I am so not a dude so you don't have to worry about that. ;)

  7. Aww, this post reminded me of our talks at the library during our high school days.
    Melissa said we don't live far from each other, so we'll have to meet up sometime....and I'll have a baby to bring along after October!

  8. Ooh, we should do it. I've been thiiiis close to driving to Indy just to spend hours in Anthropologie anyway.