There are piles like this all over.

Still taking suggestions.

PS. This is the first time in six years that we have not gone out of town for Memorial Day weekend. We are leaving both of our kids with my mom tomorrow (for the first time) and attending the Indy 500. It should be... interesting.

Me: What should I wear to the race?
Luke: Do you have a checkered bikini top? Cause that's traditional wear. But it's really your call.


  1. You may have piles all over - but you also have fun shoes lying around your house. Proof that you still have it more together than me (who hasn't worn anything but flip flops since being 20 weeks pregnant...)

  2. Oh please. Even your "mess" is cute and trendy. ;)


  3. Cute shoes. Spill the beans: did you put them there just for the photo? Either way, they are ultra-cool.

    I agree with Nell. Even your mess is artistic.

  4. agreed. your mess is not messy enough. another great photo!