I surely gave you all the wrong idea about my cute laundry pile. The title said that there were piles like that all over the house because there were, there were like forty piles like that, all over my house. Also-- those clothes were CLEAN. Not dirty. Clean. Not folded. Cold. Wrinkled. Wadded up. And clean.

I am very sad to admit that they were never put away and have now found their way onto the floor and have mingled with the dirty clothes. So I am breaking my rule about not washing clean clothes and will probably accidentally wash some of them again. But after this, I am starting fresh and I am NOT doing this anymore. Ragh. I am not going to let laundry control me anymore.

(Speaking of letting laundry control me, I recently spent four days feeling horribly sick, tired, dizzy, etc., and finally realized there were moldy/mildewy towels in my laundry room sink. I tied them up in a bag, threw them away, and two hours later felt totally normal. Seriously. I have a horrible mold allergy that almost killed me in 8th grade. Geez, the responsibility I demonstrate.)

I know a few of you were wondering if the cutesy shoes were really there or if they were staged and the answer is yes, they were really there, but I did move them a few inches for the photo.

They were my mother's day present.
They make me happy.
They make me feel like I am on my way to an audition to be a chorus girl or something.

I think I am going to go put them on now.
Nevermind that I am still in my pajamas.


  1. I love your shoes! Don't you just looooove shoes? I wrote a post about why I love shoes so much if you ever want to check it out (http://clhcorner.blogspot.com/2008/06/shoes.html)

    And the laundry pile - so me. I hate folding ... period.

    But that cute little girl you have laying on the clean clothes ... precious!!!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend!
    Your Twitter friend turned blog stalker - Carrie (clhoffman)

  2. Your daughter is adorable. And so are your shoes!


  3. Those shoes are stunning!! And, yeah, clean clothes make it back into my laundry basket too. Argh!

  4. Ohh. Now those are some nice nice shoes.

    I have wadded up clean laundry all around my room. Luckily, SO FAR it hasn't escaped its basket and mingled with the dirty stuff. I've put my big boys in charge of taking the dirty laundry down to the washing machine as soon as the basket is nearing fullness. That way at least I know that what's in my room is clean. When your kids are bigger you can make them do your most hated tasks too.

  5. Those shoes would make me very happy, too.


  6. Those shoes are divine. I love them!

    And that picture is so cute that it makes me never want to do laundry ever again.

  7. Those are super cute shoes. :) And the baby in the clothes - ADORABLE!!!! My daughter can often be found riding around in my laundry basket of clean, unfolded clothes. It makes laundry more fun. :)

  8. We should all have way less clothes. If I took a picture of my laundry room for you - you'd surely die. Or send some kind of environmental protection society after me. Think 4 kids, a husband, a puppy, and a lazy, burnt out mommy.

  9. Those shoes are incredible. They look one-of-a-kind. Where did you get them?

    And that picture of your daughter? PERFECT. Her shirt dress is gorgeous and her eyes are magnificent.

    I still think your laundry piles are cute. You make everything look beautiful and artistic somehow.

  10. Oh my! She is too cute! And that dress!!! Where, oh where, did you ever find that adorable dress???