at least it sparkles

I have been trying to finish a long and probably way too dramatic super heartfelt post for about two days.

Unfortunately, right after I started that mushy gushy post I wore a swimsuit.

It was kind of traumatic.

I am recovering, and trying to stop my out-of-control eating habits.
So I invented a diet!
Are you ready? It's complex.
Every time I want to have a bad snack (my husband buys things like Oreos-- there are BAD snacks in this house) I instead drink a sparkling water.
It fill me up and I temporarily stop thinking about the Oreos and the Bunny Grahams.

All weekend I pretty much just moped around, chugging La Croix and peeing a lot and thinking about when I was pregnant and ate chocolate peanut butter ice cream like there was no tomorrow but then it turned out there was a tomorrow and that tomorrow was today and today I still have 15 pounds to lose and my baby is 9 months old.

Yep. That's what I did all weekend.

Except Sunday when I accidentally went to the Indian lunch buffet and ate my weight in Chicken Tikka Masala. But every other second of the weekend-- moping and dieting.

I am going to the store to buy more sparkling water now.


I am not the only girl in this family who likes to eat. Alice (unlike her mama) is the very cutest kind of chubby. She even makes her (ample) cellulite look good. She is the sparkliest of all.


  1. That last picture makes my heart melt. And I like your diet. I think I am going to start it tomorrow. I better go and eat all the BAD snacks I can now--like I did last night--graham crackers with cream cheese icing. No joke. Oh, and a glass a wine with that.

  2. Coral wore that dress today! Twinny twins, they are. I haven't bought a bathing suit yet. I may just duct tape black garbage bags to my body when I go swimming.

  3. Also, I love Alice. That is all.

  4. Those photos are priceless. I'm grinning ear to ear!
    And, losing baby weight...ugh! Such a chore, and it takes way longer than anyone ever explains to you before hand!! So worth it though. Sigh.

  5. Oh Erin, I am sure you look fabulous in a suit. I gave up bad snacks for bannanas, every time I have a craving I eat a bannana, I am so sick of eating bannanas right now.
    I want smores. I can't wait to go camping just so I can have one.
    Alice is so precious! Great pictures ;)

  6. I hate it when people argue with me when I am unhappy with my weight so I will not do that :) I will say that as someone who sees you in real life - I am totally shocked to hear that you still carry 15 extra lbs because it does not show to me at all :)
    Also, are you saying Bunny Grahams are a bad choice...shoot. Thats what I get for not reading labels.

  7. She's so adorable and chubby and cute. you just eat her up!

  8. Something tells me that you look better in a bathing suit than you think, but I do totally understand! I miss the days of being 18 and having a fabulous bikini body no matter what I ate.
    Also, last night, I ate chocolate ice cream with peanut butter mixed in, and I believe it is for real the best pregnancy snack EVER.

  9. My trick is gum or I don't eat a huge "meal" just (healthy) snacks (hummus, carrots, pita chips, handful of nuts, peanut butter/crackers) all day while I chase Jonas around and feed him snacks, too. Alice is so cute and squishy. LOVE the pigtails. I want a daughter just so I can do her hair like that, though Jonas's may be long enough....

  10. I SWEAR Ivy is sitting in my lap right now and giggled as she saw her someday bestfriend Alice and SHE SAID "BAY" -I think she was trying to say baby!!


  11. You had me at Chicken Tikka Masala.

  12. Nice diet, I may have to try that one out.

    Also? I need to photograph Alice. That is all.

  13. How adorable ! could she be any cuter ?
    and good luck on your diet .. i'm sure you don't even need it though :)