june bride

Six years ago today I married Luke. I was barely twenty.

We are celebrating by watching "Sandwiches You Will Like" on PBS on our new enormous television. I think I want to make a sandwich tour of the USA now. With Luke. He would drive and I would sing really loud in the passenger seat and he would make up nicknames for all of the sandwiches we ate (he is the best nicknamer ever) and our kids would sit in the backseat and smile and eat maffalettas without flinching or complaining or having to stop to use the bathroom because this is a fantasy.

I love you Luke. And I love my life.

(With or without a sandwich vacation.)


  1. Congrats to y'all!!
    You are just too adorable! And, can I just say that I love your house...your style rocks!!

  2. Congrats! How wonderful to have a husband that is a great nicknamer! I, too, have this husband (yet another similarity) and I tend to be the main victim of this talent. (None of the ones that are coming to me are cean enough to write here.) You? No, I bet Luke is kind and only saves it for sandwiches.

    And, I was going to say the same thing as Madeline- I love what I'm seeing of your home. And your feets.

  3. Your "buffet" looks perfect and lovely as a media stand! and very grown-up.

  4. Happy anniversary and sweet sammichy dreams...

  5. I really do adore how much we have in common. I just loved learning that today is your anniversary, too, and I can't wait to hear the story behind your wedding day.

  6. I love this photo!

    And what is your favorite sandwich? Have you ever tried a turkey reuben?


  7. congratulations erin+luke! your life makes me smile.

    and there are great sandwiches in new york. you know, in case you need a reason to come visit.

  8. Happy Anniversary to a happy couple :) Is your new TV on the sideboard from your DR? It looks really really great :)

  9. OH my ganache, I have that EXACT same rug!

  10. Yay! Congratulations :)
    Love your living room
    Love the red flipflops. I have some too!
    Sounds like a great time.
    Soup and sandwich is my favorite meal.

  11. Soup and sandwich was what we had on our very first date ;)

  12. So cute! Congratulations on six years and to getting married at "that age" - me, too.

    Also of note, my husband is a wonderful nicknamer, too, I think your house looks cute in the wee glimpses I've seen, and I love me a good sandwich, especially if it's eaten on a road trip with my husband and absolutely well behaved children.

    Blessings to you and sparkling wishes for many happy years in the future together!


  13. Happy Anniversary, and may you find a wonderful sandwich shop in which to celebrate!

  14. congratulations!!

    i love that picture - and what a beautiful corner of your home :)

  15. Happy anniversary to you and your love bug. :--)


  16. I pretty much adore you so much that you should be kind of creeped out. Is that okay to admit that to someone?

    Happy Anniversary!

  17. Oh, perfect. Happy anniversary Erin.

  18. Oh marriage is the best!

    We were similar to you- in the respect that I did NOT want a TV.
    I didn't not want a mondo black flat screen hogging up the fueng shui in my living room.

    I did NOT want to go into debt.

    So. He conived. and twisted my arm. FINAAAALLLY I gave in. Now we have a MONDO tv in our cute living room. Paid Cash. And we bought it on Father's Day. Which, is very appropriate ;)

    go read my latest post...

  19. Totally cute!

    I love the photograph!

    You put things so perfectly.

    Happy Anniversary.

    P.S. I married my husband when I was just under 20. And I'm so glad I did. It's been so fun to "grow up" together. :)

  20. Just had to say your house looks pretty darn good in the background and now I have a massive case of TV envy. lol

    Wish my husband wanted one as bad as I do. It's the opposite in our house. :-)

  21. Congratulations on the anniversary too of course! :-)