off to fetch my umbrella

At about nine o' clock I was settling in and preparing myself to watch "The Dark Knight" on our new television* drinking a very large caffeinated beverage to stay awake and praying my kids didn't wake up.

And then Alice woke up. And then Clark woke up. And then the thunder got louder. And then our power went out.

Suddenly I wished the caffeine had been wine and that I was in any way sleepy whatsoever because there was nothing to do but go to sleep in our powerless house.

Instead of going to sleep, we sat in the dark living room (I recently threw away our candles because I was doing one of those crazy-lady stuff-purging sessions) and I sang songs to keep Clark from freaking out. I sang "This is the day that the Lord has made" and "One Last Kiss" from Bye Bye Birdie and "Think Happy Thoughts" from Yo Gabba Gabba. He decided he wanted to go to sleep. Praise God. I would like to think he wanted to go to sleep because my singing was soothing rather than bothersome thankyouverymuch.

We also listened to Alice say "uh-oh" over and over as she crawled and bumped around in the dark. Hearing her voice excites me for the future. She is a real girl, MY girl, I can just imagine her talking and whining and singing and being my little comrade. I can't wait to make dinner with her and buy her a prom dress and watch her star as Kim MaCafee in her high school's production of Bye Bye Birdie. (I mean probably. Not that I think like this or would expect this or anything. But I do have tap shoes she can use.)

At one point Clark pointed outside and said "Look mom a puppy dog!" and my heart lept and I was compelled to rescue the cute little puppy making its way across our front sidewalk. Then I felt like Brenda in "Adventures In Babysitting" when I realized it was a rodent, scampering away (from where??) to escape the storm. Also, I think our patio umbrella is now in a neighbors yard. And our neighbors are kind of far away.

We were shockingly well prepared for this situation, sitting around with a battery operated lantern and a battery operated iPod Touch and a battery operated laptop. We are able to play word games and type blog posts in the battery operated light. You know, instead of enjoying the peaceful break from technology and actually hanging out and interacting. Of course if I want to go to the bathroom I carry the battery operated lantern with me Laura Ingalls style. Or Elizabeth Bennett style. In my imagination, here in the dark, I can be both. (Okay, in my imagination I can always be both.)

And oh look! The power just came back on. Time to play word games and type blog posts by electric light. Should I drink caffeine to cancel out the wine that I drank to cancel out the caffeine?

*We are officially people with a big flat screen television in our living room. My hubby was able to purchase one almost entirely (we payed a very VERY small amount-- one Target trip of money-- out of pocket) with Best Buy Reward Zone coupons and credit card rewards. As much as I wanted a new fridge instead (ours is awful and the door doesn't close all the way and it leaks water all over) it is Father's Day weekend not Mother's Day weekend. I resisted a large TV for a long time both because we are dirt poor and also because I wanted to preserve the aesthetics of our tiny living room. But I really like seeing Luke excited about stuff.


  1. Power outages are a strange wilderness. (So is Twitter.)

  2. Cracking up that you mention Brenda and THEN POST A PICTURE OF HER.


  3. Stifling my urge to laugh out loud! Brenda, the rodent/puppy, tap dancing, prom, Elizabeth Bennett and Laura Ingalls, batteries vs. electricity, and on and on....only you can make a post with so many parts make total and complete sense.

  4. Same way I got suckered into a big fancy TV at our house too...it's rare they get that excited over us...but technology...yeah, that is some good stuff, apparently.

  5. You are a hoot. The randomness in this post cracks me up. Congrats on the new tv! Andrew surpised me with a flat screen about 2 years ago. At the time I was going to kill him for it (hello, no money), but now I love it. Even though we only have basic basic cable. It is good to watch movies on.

    Oh, and Audrey was up a lot last night because of the thunder as well.

  6. I just bought hubby the dark knight for fathers day. i really enjoyed the movie. so sad heath is gone.


  7. You have such a gift for making normal life seem so interesting and charming :) I wasn't big on getting a flat screen either...I FINALLY had this cute old house like I had always wanted and Michael wanted to stick a big flat box on the wall...But I got over it...its pretty cool really and such a space-saver ;)

  8. I just wanted to let you know that, after discovering your blog via Twitter on Saturday, I spent much of today (as much as was socially acceptable on Father's Day) catching up on all of your old entries. Your taste, your children, and YOU are all so precious that I couldn't resist. And now you are following me on Twitter as well, and I feel compelled to actually use it. And be cute. Oh noooo.

  9. We have a ginormous television for the same reason. Well, not because it was Father's Day, but because it made my husband super-duper happy.

  10. And for our Father's Day? We stopped on the way home from a family gathering and bought Silence of the Lambs - then watched it with two of our college kids - who had never seen it.

  11. You are hilarious. Absolutley Awesome. And very goofy ;)
    I wish we went to highschool together, we would have been in drama club together and we would have had so much fun.
    I attempted to watch Dark Night with my hubby, but it made me cry, cause it was scary, so I went up stairs and made cookies.

  12. I smiled when you said: "crazy-lady stuff-purging sessions."

    I have those ALL OF THE TIME.

    P.S. I think I'm out of the loop. What movie is that bottom picture from?

  13. Brenda! I'd forgotten about that scene, but now it's all coming back to me. What a great movie that was, at least when I was 13 and watched it a dozen times in a row.