speaking of nicknames

Luke calls Alice: Sally, Sal-pal, A, and A-Bay.

Luke calls Clark: C, Billy and Bill.

At least he did.

Until I started singing...

"MY BOY BILL I will see that's named after meee! I will! MY BOY BILL He'll be tall and as tough as a tree!"

in my most dramatic voice every single time he used the name.
And maybe I did some dancing.

The look on Luke's face every time I break into song makes me laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

And sing louder.

That's all. This isn't much of a story.

(He has cut down on using "Bill" as a name for Clark, but I have to say that I have also caught him singing this song when he thought I was in the other room. He probably wouldn't want me to tell you this but he doesn't read my blog so he doesn't really get to pick.)


  1. Any chance you get to sing anything from Carousel, you must take it. I've been known to create a reason. =^)

  2. Wow! I haven't seen Carousel in FOREVER! Thanks for the reminder! I am going to watch it this week-I love musicals!!

  3. Fits of giggles going on over here! You must be such a hoot to know in person.

  4. I love all those nicknames. Totally cute.

    And now I want to meet you in-person, for sure. I just think you are the coolest. :)

    I love musicals too, by the way. They may be a bit corny, but they definitely hold a definite sort of charm.

  5. I just realized I said "definite" and "definitely" in the same sentence.

    So embarrassing.

  6. Do I even have to tell you that Soliloquy is one of my favorite songs ever? I saw Carousel in Chicago when I was about 11 and it launched a life-long obsession with musical theater. It's still my favorite show.

  7. will you marry me? we can keep it a secret from luke and terry. let me know...

    (clear throat) you do know, the more you sing musical scores to your son, the less likely he will be to turn out "tough like a tree."