spirited away

Setting: Bedroom. Luke and I are watching "Rear Window" and folding an enormous pile of clean laundry.


Me: Gosh, they are so dumb. Why do they have to get involved with this guy they think is a murderer? Especially Grace Kelly, sneaking over there like that.

Luke: Well, that's kind of the point. She is supposed to be super straight laced, bordering on square.

Me: Right, I got that, but...

Luke: And he kind of falls in love with her over the course of the movie because she is really straight laced but also really genuine and...

(said at the exact same moment, in unison)

Me: spirited
Luke: blazing hot

(I 100% should have seen it coming.)


  1. Hehe! Oh. my. Men and women certainly have very different perspectives sometimes.

  2. I love boys. In many ways, they are very simple creatures.

  3. sounds like a conversation with brent.

  4. erin. please understand :


    (see the comments and then come back here and click the link to see the picture of said moment!)

    luke - i completely agree. stand strong!

  5. Oh how funny. I might have said Blazing Hot, too. lol


  6. yes, terry agreed that blazing hot is a more accurate description. and i love that i can't ever get him to look at a blog, until i mention "old pics of grace kelly".

  7. I haven't seen that movie in forever, but I really like those old Alfred Hitchcock films. We used to watch them all the time when I was growing up.

    Have you seen "The Lady Vanishes"? Classic!