Birth. Days.

My days have been full. Over full even. Dropping off to sleep late and getting up early and working and playing and crying and driving and feeding and cleaning and eventually dropping back off to sleep, late again.

I haven't even been able to process everything in my head, much less get it down on my blog. Or even open my computer.

Saturday was my grandma's birthday.

She is very special.


Saturday morning, Erin had a baby boy. He is very special too and his birth was nothing short of amazing.

I'd told her several times that I thought she would have her baby on my grandma's birthday, and you know what? He waited until 12:02AM to fly on out. 12:02 on my grandma's birthday. This made me smile in the midst of a crazy and bittersweet weekend.

While I was typing this I thought Clark was in his room, but I see now that he was actually eating an enormous piece of leftover birthday cake that he took out of our fridge.


  1. Grandma's birthdays are one of the best reasons to eat cake.

    Another good reason is because there is cake.

  2. Grandma's are some of the very best people in the world.

  3. Clark rocks my world. So do you.

  4. oh, your grandma looks so sweet and special! stay strong, sister.

  5. Happy Birthday Grandma! And, I second Dera's "stay strong, sister".

  6. Oh, and Clark totally cracks me up!