last note on blogher'09 and I PROMISE I AM DONE

Stephanie asked me to go a bit deeper into the whole BlogHer thing, so I will. Kinda. (Just for you Stephanie!)

To be fair, I did not have a full BlogHer ticket. I had something called LobbyCon. I bought it at the last minute from someone who was selling it. I paid $60 but they were selling them first-hand for $100. I joked to Meagan when we were signing in that we had been lobby-conned, because really? We got like one of those bracelets you get when you go to a waterpark and a sticker-nametag from Staples. This waterpark bracelet got me into almost nothing. I think it got me into the Expo Hall and that may be it. It honestly would have been difficult to attend sessions with Alice anyway, so I suppose it was for the best. I was just a bit surprised at how afterthought the Lobby Con thing seemed. There wasn't even an organized way for the Lobby Con people to hang out with the other Lobby Con people, which is lame.


My biggest complaint? It was hard to see everyone.

I wanted there to be a big party or something right off the bat that included nametags that said @soandso in big letters and a computerized list of who all was in attendance. Maybe even with links to our blog and twitter pages! It could be interactive! And on a big touch screen! With profile pictures and bios! Also, I'm not sure this system is invented yet outside of NASA or Gattaca or maybe Steve Job's basement. So, uh, anyway.


The events that I did attend were lovely. I personally blog because I think it's fun to write stuff down and because I really love getting to know other people that like to write stuff down.

And from that perspective it was pretty wonderful. I got meet many of those and they were fabulous. And for that reason, I would go back. With or without my Alice-girl.

(A quick note on that...)

I am kind of surprised at the negative backlash against the moms taking their babies out and about because I was stopped every three feet by someone gushing over my daughter's sweet face. When I wasn't talking to someone about my baby I was smiling back at the crowd of people all smiling over at her. It was kind of like wearing a little tiny celebrity on my chest. The fact that I was often with Steph & Ivy and Meagan & Clara and Sarah & Asher-- all also wearing their babies-- elevated us from "mom wearing cute well-named baby" to "POSSEE OF MOMS WEARING ADORABLE WELL-NAMED BABIES" and quite honestly I think people were intimidated by all the cute.

Wouldn't you be?

alice napping

PS. Sparklecorn people, I snuck into your party. I snuck into your party while there was a huge line outside and ate your hot salty chips and guacamole and delicious vegetables with ranch dip and got a free stick of deodorant. And I'm not sorry at all.


  1. I think you've brought up a great point about lobbycon and I hope the heads behind blogher read this post. I don't know if they were trying to be all things to all people, or trying to make more money, but either way it sounds like it wasn't planned well.

    I also like the idea of name tags with blog links and twitter names. I don't know why none of the conferences (that I know of) aren't doing this. It makes complete and total sense to me and would likely help the event mean more to more people.

    I mean, for heavens sake I was looking through the hundreds of blogher pictures and didn't know even a fraction of the faces. But, I bet if I knew what their blog or twitter names were I would have "known" them.

    I know blogher is huge. I know it was an awesome event for everyone, in some way. I know that most everyone had a lovely time, but I hope blogher reads all the post wrap up posts and takes to heart all of the awesome "suggestions" such posts have made, for next year.

    I think instead of making it bigger, more celeb filled, more swag filled, more media filled they should focus on ways to make it more attendee friendly when it comes to actually connecting with the other bloggers there.

    I suppose maybe blogher isn't about intimate meetings with other bloggers. Maybe that just isn't the point of this massive conference. Maybe blissdom or mom2mom would be better for meeting those certain needs. I dunno, I'm rambling now.

    My two cents LOL

    Your Alice is a dawling!


  2. I had considered going to BlogHer on a Lobbycon ticket and in the end it just didn't work out. I'm kind of glad now, seeing as how it wouldn't have done much for me:)

    I would looove to meet you at the Type A Mom conference that's coming up in September...will you be there?

    It will be my very first blogging conference and I am SO excited. Hopefully there won't be any of the drama I've read so much about....

    <3 sarasophia

  3. Hi Erin! I'm so honored that you called me out by name...and I'm happy that you shared more about your "take" on the conference.

    I really love your idea to have a computerized list and name tags. Maybe they'll do that next year. Do you think you'll make the trek to NYC?

    P.S. Your Alice is super sweet - no wonder people were staring and smiling. ;)

  4. You two are a sight to behold! I'm just so glad I got to behold you. Right there by the unicorn cake. (and other places) :)

  5. I didn't make it to The Blogher but I would like to squeeze Alice's squishy, dimpled elbows.

  6. YOU are a riot and I totally agree that they have got to come up with a way to make the conference more conducive for meeting people.

    and you totally tore up that guacamole, I was so proud of you!