mama stayed up too late last night

I just lied to Clark. A little.

Me: Beeba (this is what he calls my mom) wants to take you somewhere really fun this afternoon but you can only go if you take your nap NOW!

Clark: But I don't like naps. I'm not sleepy.

Me: Yes you are, I can tell. You're not doing very well this morning. You're acting like a boy who is extra tired and needs to take his nap early.

Clark: writhingwhiningnoooihateNAPSwrithingshriekshriek

Me: Okay, you don't have to nap. Just close your eyes for just a second and rest your head and here, why don't you go ahead and wear these really soft pajama pants and why don't we shut the blinds AND the curtains and would you like to listen to your ocean sounds while you rest your head for a minute? And I think a super fluffy blanket would be nice for you. While you rest. Not nap. Just take a short rest. Then you can do the fun thing with Beeba! See?

Then he fell asleep. Because really, could he help it? It was pitch black and he was surrounded by fluffiness and white noise.

And then I ate left over drunken noodles and tom ka (bringing the total of calories consumed in the last 24 hours to about 6,000) and read blogs and stared into space listening to the silence and it was a little like being on vacation and.... now he is awake and singing in his bed and oh crap. I better call my mom and see if she wants to maybe do something with Clark this afternoon.

(PS. Before you think I'm an alltheway bad mom, Beeba is generally willing to hang out with Clark at any time. And a "fun thing" in his mind is just like, playing in her backyard.)


  1. Oh. my. gosh. I'll have to remember that for later on. I'm dreading when Levi bucks nap time, and I'm determined there will still be at the very least a quiet time. A momma NEEDS those few precious moments to collect her sanity. I would totally be pulling that trick out of my hat...possibly more than once a week.

  2. I kind of do this every day. Except I just promise her that I won't give her away to the next person who drives by if she just takes a little time to herself.

    It works, so that's all that matters, right?

  3. haha, so funny. and so devilishly smart. kudos! lying to your son is ok in my book if you get to have a mini vacay and he gets to nap. it's a win win.

  4. What's the point of having kids if you can't lie to them? I mean, really, there are few people in this world you can make up fantastic stories to and have them believe it. FYI, I stopped Luke from opening our crawl space door all the time because I told him that's where the spiders live.

  5. That was, I think, brilliance in action. Good work!

  6. I didn't realize this was lying. Over here I call it mothering. (It's a game of survival.)

  7. Even I fell asleep for awhile there. Sounds so comfy.


  8. Mommies need their time every day or our heads would explode. This was way better than making him run laps around the house until he begs for a nap.

    I've resorted to holding my children hostage in the car until they "happy up." I would drive around slowly near the house. Sometimes even sit at the end of the drive. Nobody was going in the house until we had harmony.

  9. I'm with Steph...I would have been asleep for sure too. Oh and that was not a lie...it was total truth...he was tired and needed a nap. lol

    Nothing wrong with making sure you get your dose of quiet time too.