don't drink and blog

Yesterday my house looked like 19 year old college boys were running a daycare. Food stuck everywhere, boxes of cereal overturned, laundry in piles all over the floor, a roll of toilet paper unwound in the bathroom. Every cliche of a messy house all somehow magically executed at once. (Except it was not actually all that magical.)

Luke got home from work at 6 and I was in rare form. I get moody when my house gets messed up, especially when it gets messed up by two kids who follow behind me and undo everything I work hard to clean like little reverse house elves. (Except again? Not magical.)

Luke took a phone call and then informed me that his parents were stopping by for a minute. I know my mother-in-law knows my house isn't aways so bad and I was actually relieved that someone could entertain the kids for a few minutes so I could clean up from the steak dinner I was still patting myself on the back for making Luke in the midst of such chaos.

My in-laws pull up. And... oh NO... a second car pulls up. In it? Luke's grandma. Luke's grandma who had never been in our house before. (Can you hear me screaming in my head?) Oh! And more people! (AHHHH!) Luke's great Aunt and Uncle, visiting from Colorado.


I did what any sensible person would do in those fleeting last seconds before they all arrived at the front door.

I poured myself the biggest glass of wine ever and chugged it.

I was able to handle the guests with a smile, but hours later? I was still stupidly smiling.

If you got a hilarious and/or goofy and/or super-friendly tweet or comment from me last night?

That is why.

Carry on.


  1. Oh Erin, that is a nightmare. One of my worst :) But my goodness do you ever know how to handle things :)

  2. that's awesome, erin.

    i didn't think it was allowed to spring that many guests on someone with such short notice. sorry...but glad you made it through.

  3. that is hilarious! good for you...sometimes you just can't worry about those things. you have to just let the wine be your guide. haha

  4. Ohhhh, I had a similar thing happen to me once, only they showed up unannounced and then wanted dinner, too. I wish I had been able to handle as well as you! Good job!

  5. When Tommy and Alice get married, let's chug wine at the reception.

  6. I think if anyone expects a mother with toddlers to have a clean house they are crazy. It's really uncanny how quickly kids can destroy a clean house.

  7. that cracked me up. I was expecting the shove everything in the closet at the last second but I like your solution better.

  8. Oh, Erin. I don't know what to say, except that I can totally picture the scene and THANK GOD you had wine readily available.

  9. Wine makes it all better, right? ;) I would have taken a couple shots, too. lol


  10. Oi!

    Mary Poppins is so right on this one. Sometimes all it takes is a little spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down! Ha ha ha. Chugging always has a negative effect on me, though. A glass sipped leisurely, no problem. A glass downed in a few big gulps, I'm flitting like a butterfly.

    I HATE the shock of unexpected guests. Which is horrible. I should love that people want to visit my family, but I, too, have little reverse house elves! Three, in fact! I have even called them that in the past. How funny.

    Loved this post! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh, honey! I would have done exactly the same thing. And, still been grinning hours later. Somehow having a baby has managed to lower my tolerance for adult beverages. Hmmm...maybe there's a reason for that.

  12. Haha, Erin That is pretty awesome. Bravo for the quick thinking!
    Unexpected guests are the worst.
    But Chris and I truly love it when a last minute friend stops over and we have a 10-15 window in which to make our house magically clean. It's the best because we run around frantically with out heads, and somehow when our friend shows up at the door we open it up, calm cool and collected. Music on, candles lit and wine in hand. It's MAGIC!

  13. personally, i like it when you drink and blog. it does wonders for my blog-self-esteem. in fact, are you drinking tonight too?