you're fab

Thank you all. It is so nice to feel so supported. I am feeling oddly peaceful, yet sad at the same time.

Tomorrow is Alice's first birthday.

A week ago today Papa said, "numnumnum" with his eyes closed, seemingly asleep. Everyone in the room asked "What Dad? What do you need?" and he repeated "Numnumnum" and then winked one eye open and said, "I'm talking to Alice."

"Numnumnum" is Alice's favorite word. It means "food".

Numnumnum everyone. Enjoy your Thursday. Think of Alice and Papa and eat cake if given the chance. I certainly will.

(PS. In the last post when I said the funeral was Friday I actually meant Tuesday. I made a typo. The funeral is over. I repeat, Tuesday not Thursday. Oh, and here is a link to the obituary. There are a lot of typos in the obituary too, but whatever. His legacy is in all of us, not in a paragraph in a small town newspaper. Thank you again for your prayers.)


  1. Oh that is heart breathtakingly sweet. Your Papa was a gem. Still is.

    I still think of, and miss, my Granny who passed 7 years ago.

    If someone is lucky enough to have a beautiful relationship with their grandparent, then that Grandparent never really leaves.

    I always think of, and speak about, and remember mine.

    Love to you!


  2. Oh, what a beautiful memory to have and to some day share with Alice. I'm praying that peace stays with you. Enjoy the cake and your sweet baby!!

  3. it makes my heart a little bit happier that he got to know and love (and joke with) your babies. i'm sending good thoughts your way.

  4. Happy Birthday to your little Alice. I hope the day was super sweet in spite of your loss.