the puppetmaster

You should hear the frog puppet voice he uses. It's low and funny and he uses it to talk about how the small toy frog is the baby and how the big mom frog puppet is the mom who needs to take care of her baby and how he is hungry and what do I want to do today, do I want to go to Target?

It sounds nothing like a frog. Or a mom.


these are the kinds of things I think

I put in a cassette tape we bought for 20 cents at the Salvation Army and it starts mid song --

I wonder why the person or people who donated this tape stopped listening right then? Right in the middle of that song? That's kind of a weird place to stop the tape. Did they suddenly up and develop inner clarity and realize they hated this tape, turn it off, and donate it? Or maybe this song made them sad and they listened to just the beginning sort of forcing them-self to listen but then couldn't take it anymore. Maybe they were getting out of the car. Maybe they were filled with a sad bored tired numbness and just had to be done?

Oh, and the tape was Merry Christmas by Bing Crosby. It was 20 cents people. Clark is very ready for December now.


hi my name is erin and this is my blog

I think I forgot how to use it.

I have a computer to use that isn't new and shiny but is free and working.

I am going to order a new lens for my camera with my credit card rewards now that I don't have to buy a computer.

I'm going to try to remember how to blog.

We'll see how it goes.



See that last unfinished yet published post? That's what I get for trying this blogging from the iPod thing. And I have no clue how to edit it. Um, where was I? Oh yeah, no computers. We have no computers. And I'm without a camera too because my memory card is full and I don't have a computer to put the pictures on and I can't find the right type of memory card at the stores to buy a new one and I can't order it online because we don't have computers anymore. But we do have tickets to Greek Fest. The thought of eating all the food there us getting me through the weekend. I hope next week we fix all the other stuff I just said. For now I'm dreaming about tiropita.

Attempting to blog from my iPod.

I have been blogging for almost three years and this is the longest break I've taken by FAR. Since my last post, Lukes computer broke too. Can you believe that? It did. And it's terrible, because his computer was full of important stuff and apparently the hard drive is gone and