See that last unfinished yet published post? That's what I get for trying this blogging from the iPod thing. And I have no clue how to edit it. Um, where was I? Oh yeah, no computers. We have no computers. And I'm without a camera too because my memory card is full and I don't have a computer to put the pictures on and I can't find the right type of memory card at the stores to buy a new one and I can't order it online because we don't have computers anymore. But we do have tickets to Greek Fest. The thought of eating all the food there us getting me through the weekend. I hope next week we fix all the other stuff I just said. For now I'm dreaming about tiropita.


  1. All of this computer stuff is TERRIBLE! I hope you can get online again really REALLY soon.

  2. UGH! no computers? you must be going crazy!!
    so sorry!!

  3. We miss your always interesting posts. Computers, get well soon. Have fun at Greek fest.

  4. Why don't you come here and use mine?


  5. HOW ANNOYING!!! (for ME, I miss you!)


    And the unfinished post totally cracked me up.

    Oh, and yes. Go to Steph's and use her computer. While you're there, you can hug each other and say "that's from Heather"

  6. That is quite the bummer...especially the photo thing. I'd freak out without a camera...and without internet. Hope it all gets fixed soon!!
    But, hey, Greek fest sounds completely and totally awesome. Wish I could join you. I can eat Greek food til I'm blue in the face. It's so yummy. Enjoy every last bite!

  7. Eat a gyro for me. I love those.


  8. you are unbelievably missed! and i confess that i joined twitter for 2 reasons: 1. the extra madsen bike give-away thing and 2. reading your mini blog posts there.