these are the kinds of things I think

I put in a cassette tape we bought for 20 cents at the Salvation Army and it starts mid song --

I wonder why the person or people who donated this tape stopped listening right then? Right in the middle of that song? That's kind of a weird place to stop the tape. Did they suddenly up and develop inner clarity and realize they hated this tape, turn it off, and donate it? Or maybe this song made them sad and they listened to just the beginning sort of forcing them-self to listen but then couldn't take it anymore. Maybe they were getting out of the car. Maybe they were filled with a sad bored tired numbness and just had to be done?

Oh, and the tape was Merry Christmas by Bing Crosby. It was 20 cents people. Clark is very ready for December now.


  1. I think they were getting out of the car. Or that was where it was stopped after all the presents were opened and the Christmas things were being put away. Maybe.


  2. I love it when you do posts like this :)

  3. This is totally how my brain works too. No, a tape is never just a tape stopped part-way...

    it's all sorts of things from my imagination and curiosity.

    I suppose this is why my husband calls me Colombo :)

  4. I thought about half way through your thoughts, that everything in italics was actually the song. And I was trying to figure out the tune and thought how bizarre it was that this was the song left in the tape player...then I caught on :) You're cute Erin. So glad you're back.

  5. On a recent visit to an out of town library whilst vacationing as a family (what? don't you visit Libraries in other cities whilst on a roadtrip???), we acquired twelve new storybook cassettes for only $3.00 - and boy oh boy did they make the rest of the driving on that trip so much more exciting for my kids (and me!). My husband was a little bummed about not getting to use his itunes library roadtrip mix list that he had prepared (think Melvin U from "As Good As It Gets") for a while, but I think all of the giggles from the backseat softened his heart a bit :O)

  6. I love it when you do posts like this, by the way.