another day, another dumb explanation for my lack of content

Luke and I have been sharing a computer. I decided to keep this old fixed computer thinking I could use it during the day when Luke is at work and he could use it at night. But I don't open it during the day. And he uses it like, ALL NIGHT.

Over there to the left under my name it says something along the lines of, "I only blog when they're (my family) all asleep" and it's true.

I only blog when they're all asleep.

They don't sleep during the day. At least, not at the same time. There's always someone who wants a sippy or for me to get the candyland game down from the top of the closet or help drawing a teepee. Those things are my job. And I take my job seriously. There are some people who could figure out how to do that stuff and also type on the computer and not get distracted but I just can't.

It was easier when I only had one kid and I suppose it will get easier again when my kids can do things like open the refrigerator without assistance. But they can't do that stuff right now. Right now they are one and two years old. Right now, an open computer equals crazyhouse.

I just can't get online under our current arrangement.

I have been reading your blogs on my iPod and not commenting and feeling somewhat creepy and stalkerish about it.

I think I'm going to buy a netbook or maybe just a really cheap laptop.

Thank you for listening and here's a cute picture for your time. Yes, they are the same goggles featured in the last post. He likes goggles a lot.

late september 2009 280

(I was going to post this as one of my "You Capture: Fall" photos but that obviously didn't happen at all, though I did spend some time thinking about posting it as I instead played Moxie on my iPod and Luke hogged the computer.)


  1. Oh, I miss you. And I'll still be here when you find your way back.

    You're very good at your job.

  2. He looks like a little lumberjack. It's almost too much to handle. :)

    & I know what you mean..between work & my kiddos, I hardly ever blog during the day time. It's always during these moments..12:23am when I should be sleeping. Therein lies the difficult decision..sleep, or blog?

    Luckily I have a husband who has to be at work at 4am so the computer's all mine at these ridiculous hours of the night.

  3. The goggles are good. I like a man who enjoys a theme.

    Hope you'll be up and re-blogged soon. It gets all echo-y without you.

  4. But how excellent that your priority really is your kids. Lots of people say that, but they don't all mean it. And your absences make our hearts grow fonder. =^)

  5. You have been much missed, but I totally understand. I can't blog while Levi's awake either. Heck, I can't do anything while Levi's awake! Sometimes that can be a little rough (especially since I work from home), but I'm so grateful to be able to do it. We are very lucky ladies to be blessed with such cool jobs as opening refrigerators and pulling down candyland.