ghost of halloween past: because all the cool cats are doing it

(A couple of my favorite blogs have done this in the last few days and I have decided to join them.)

On Clark's first Halloween I decided to take it upon myself to dress him up like something I knew he would never ever agree to dress up like later.

Clark Kent.

He was only nine months old and I reasoned that he would probably leave the necessary plastic Clark Kent glasses on for around three seconds and that it would take me at least eight seconds to pose and snap a picture. But I had a plan! I nursed him until he fell asleep and then drew one side of the glasses on his face as fast and furiously as I could with a freshly sharpened waytooexpensivetobeusingforthispurpose eye-pencil. I nursed him on the other side; repeat.

I thought I was a genius.

Then I rolled him over to find the first side got all smudged as I was drawing on the second side, and then while touching up the first side, I got the second side messed up. Bad words were muttered and eye-pencils resharpened. I would get them so they looked okay on one side and then realize the other side was too high and uneven. I would fix that and then he would rub them up with his chubby baby wrists. Erase! Start over! Re-draw! I did not give up.

I think I spent several hours just getting those glasses right. Hours, friends. Hours with an eye pencil and a wiggling baby. A baby too young to go trick-or-treating or have any clue it was a holiday or be bribed to hold still. A baby who was wearing his costume only for me and my camera.

It's been two years, and looking back at these photos I am so so glad I am crazy.

(For Alice's first Halloween I didn't even dress her up. I hope she never reads this.)


  1. I love this costume! It's so amazingly great! You are truly a creative soul. And not crazy at all...this picture is totally worth hours and money spent in the name of eyeliner.

    So cute!

  2. too funny! I think all mothers should dress their babies like this for their first halloween, especially because they have no way to protest.
    p.s. Henry was Kim Jong il for his first halloween:)

  3. Oh, that just made me chuckle. How cute is he?

  4. I'm so glad you're crazy too because that totally made my day. He makes a great Clark Kent, and oh. my. the story made me laugh...very loudly.

  5. I love Baby Raccoon Clark K Super Baby. As you know, I appreciate a stylist who will go the extra mile for a photo op. *Ahem*

    Thanks for the link!

  6. Oh man, that is so adorable!! Great idea.

  7. adorable!

    oh, our poor second, third, fourth, fifth children... ha ha ha. i know alice has gotten plenty of attention and love love love, though. i mean, look at her awesome bedroom!!!

  8. Oh my goodness. This is the most adorable costume ever!

  9. Those glasses! You really are a genius (and a determined one at that)!