once he had a pretty mate/ but she met a cruel fate

When I was pregnant with Alice, I went through this mini-freak out where I had it in my head that I had to have certain things and if I didn't have those certain things then my whole pregnancy/labor and delivery/life forevermore would not go according to plan and I would be unhappy. It was all dumb, cheap stuff. It's not like I thought we needed a new car or house or even dishwasher. It's more that I obsessed over her room, her light fixture, her crib sheets, her first shoes, her first toys. I was weirdly (okay, hormonally) afraid that she wouldn't like me (I know, an awful fear right?) which may have had something to do with this need to prepare. I wanted everything to be just right so I could relax.

One of things I obsessed over was a dumb little bunny on etsy. Not that it was dumb at all, actually, I loved it, but it was dumb when you consider how much time I spent looking at the dumb little picture of it on the dumb little computer screen. It was just a little stuffed bunny that said "Alice's Bunny" with a poem printed on one side, and the image of a rabbit on the other. I talked about it, um, quite a lot. "WE HAVE to have ALICE'S BUNNY for THE NURSERY or THE NURSERY WILL NOT BE FINISHED!" I shouted at Luke, who had already spent many many hours humoring my whims.

He helped me build a parasol light fixture because I insisted she needed a parasol light fixture. He helped me cover a large piece of drywall with pink flowered paper and affix it to the wood paneled wall because I insisted she needed a large flowered board on her wall. He drove me to USA Baby ten thousand times and never complained, even though I never bought anything but instead studied all of the merchandise carefully and seriously, like it all meant something. But when it came to the dumb bunny? He rolled his eyes. He also told me it was overpriced. I think I said some bad words under my breath or quietly or out loud.

I was downright furious when the bunny sold to someone else.

I maybe had kind of a sad disappointed fit.

It was maybe not even "kind of" a fit but more accurately like a loud fit.


It turned out that Luke had made an etsy account with a fake name and bought the bunny for me and he surprised me with it later and I felt like a huge jerk but also like a tingly happy extremely lucky girl because finally, FINALLY, Alice's room would have Alice's Bunny safely tucked into a corner-- and also because I married someone really super fabulous.

Super fabulous and super tricky.


This is Alice The Newborn with her bunny:

This was Alice, today, with her bunny:

(Sidenote: That middle picture makes me kind of hyperventilate I like it so much.)


  1. I get this more than you know. In fact, I'm guilty of this now. Not pregnant. Not hormonal. Just Dera, the whenIgetanideaIcantshakeit girl who makes Terry crazy with my many-a-whims.

    But, this was a super special sweet whim. Lucky you. Lucky Alice.

  2. I thought that was a really romantic post. Or that it was about romantic things.

  3. Hooray for wonderful husbands.
    I was totally the same way with my first pregnancy. I blame it on the hormones.

  4. Hooray for Luke, the double-naught bunny captor/spy!

  5. I love this! I was the same way, & just the other day as I was cleaning my kids rooms I ran across one of the stuffed bunnies that I HAD to have for my first born's room. I studied it thoughtfully & kind of laughed to myself about how obsessed I was with having everything just right for her arrival. My daughter is 9 now & that bunny took me so, so far back. You are so lucky though, to have such a thoughtful husband who took the time & effort to surprise you in such a nice way! My husband tolerated my insanity which I thought was really cool, but I was the one who ran all over town trying to find all my "must-haves". By the way, the pictures are precious!

  6. that was so sweet of him. And obviously you did need it if Alice still plays with it.

  7. Hmmm...there's a chance that I might have done similar things when pregnant with Levi...oh, wait, I think I still do those things. I don't even have the pregnancy excuse anymore. Is breastfeeding an excuse? I think it is now.
    ...Anyway, that's the sweetest story I've read in awhile. I think you got the cream of the crop when it comes to hubbies...and children.

  8. I love the way you write.

    LOVE this post.