things about me that embarrass other people but strangely don't embarass me at all

Thing number one: My brain is extra super good at remembering song lyrics and notes. I would feel silly and braggy talking about something I am this weirdly talented at but I don't think this is bragging at all because it is obviously such a ridiculous and useless talent. I love to sing and my brain loves to memorize notes. I hear a song once or twice and that's it; the next time I am shopping at T.J. Maxx and the song plays I am noticeably singing along. And by "noticeably" I mean NOTICEABLY, like singing nearly out-loud and making super expressive faces. I don't even have to like the song. I can love it or hate it or think it's really bland-- I do not discriminate. I just sing. Loudly. To this and this and this and this and this and this. Every word, every note. I cannot help myself. (And yes, I just clicked on each one of those music videos and sang along with them before publishing this post and just for the record the master list of these songs would be thousands of songs long. These were the first six that came to mind because I heard and sang along with several of them today.)

Thing number two: I talk to strangers. If one of my kids is being extra cute or funny or I can't find the brand of deodorant I want or I'm standing on a street corner and the light is taking a long time to turn into the "please walk across the street now, quickly, and you probably won't get hit by a car" signal, I look around and make eye contact with the nearest person and start chatting with them about the goofy situation we are in. Once we were eating lunch at my favorite Indian lunch buffet when I saw another mom with a baby Clark's age. He was only about three or four months old at the time, and I was totally in momfriend-making mode. The conversation went down like this.

Me: Oh my goodness, how old is your little girl?

Disinterested Other Mom: Uh, she's three and a half months old.

Me: NO WAY! That's how old my son is too! When's her birthday?

Disinterested Other Mom: Um, January Fifth.

Me: NO WAY! That is my son's birthday too! How crazy! Where was she born?

Disinterested Other Mom: (sigh) St. Vincent Women's hospital.

Me: NO FREAKING WAY!!! That's where Clark was born! They were born on the same day in the same hospital- that's crazy! They're birthday buddies!

Me to Disinterested Other Mom's Baby: Hey there sweet little girl, this is Clark, he is your birthday buddy!

Disinterested Other Mom: (pause) Uh, yeah. I guess.

Clearly not all people are people people.
This was around the same time that I totally gave up on trying to make friends with other local moms.


  1. I do the song lyric thing too. Don't sing particularly loud but I have a hard time listening to music and not singing along. :)

  2. I LOVE these things about you, they're some of my favorites. xo

  3. You need to make a weekly playlist of songs you have sung along to in public. I feel like you just took me on a journey.

  4. oh my dog, that 2nd thing is sooooooooo me!! it embarrasses my husband terribly, but i can talk to a telephone pole if i have no one else.

    i met a sahD today at the playground, and we chit-chatted to the point of him asking me if i had a natural childbirth. i am a chatty cathy with anyone and everyone - and uncomfortable looks just make me nervous, which makes me even more chatty. it's a vicious cycle, lol.

  5. Uh yea..I sing way loud to Mariah Carey in the car. & Beyonce. But Mariah Carey's a very guilty pleasure.
    & I would've definitely chatted with you. I think the fact that you randomly met a birthday buddy is amazingly wonderful.

  6. Erin this is your mother. You get it honestly. I'm sorry.
    Love, Mom

  7. Erin, In fact I started clicking on your links and almost let them play while I sang, but I do in fact have to clean up the black bean salsa mess in the kitchen. It is amazing by the way, and I can't wait for our big fun party tomorrow.

  8. Hey, Erin. I'm new to your blog. Thought I'd say hi. Can totally relate to the awkward mom conversation. :-) This post made me laugh. Thanks!

  9. #2 was me when i moved to new england from the midwest. i talked to everyone and they looked at me like i was totally nuts :-)

    still do it, though, after 10 years!!

  10. This made me giggle. I'm totally a stranger-talker, too. So is my husband. Like, even more than me, which is saying something. The man has never met a stranger.

    At least you sing the actual song. I make up lyrics to songs to fit my moods. Also my singing makes the puppy cry. I don't care. I think you should sing whether you've talent or not. I bet you have oodles of talent.

    Erin, quit being so doggone adorable. Can you? I bet you can't!

  11. Erin, I think you are a long-lost sister or cousin of mine or something.

    I thought I was the only one who still Ace of Based. And I really felt like the only one in the world who went around singing "More Than This." Tell me you also know the song "Halo" by Texas and I'm gonna die and know you are actually ME.

  12. My number one thing that doesn't embarrass me? I still love Ace of Base and often think about the posters of them I had on my wall that I ripped out of Bop magazine.

  13. I sing and hum all the time. I am an under cover rock star, don't you know? ;)


  14. Yes. #1? Me? Yes. Singing AND dancing. In the grocery store. All. The. Time. Whatever is playing, I will know it and sing it. I think people just accept this about me now. Glad to know I'm not alone. =^)

  15. you're so cute...i love your enthusiasm to make friends, even in unlikely situations.

    two days ago I was caught shakin it in the meat aisle at the grocery store, to JT's Cry Me A River.
    Not only do i LOVE that song, and JT is mah boi, but I scored an amazing deal on Buy one Get one Free potroasts!! There were TWO reasons to shake it. When I realized I was caught, I burst into embaressed laughter and spun my cart around with impressive force and high tailed it to the dairy section. And....then I saw him again in the produce aisle and didn't have the nerve to say anything, but I just laughed again...

    oh my.

  16. You are definitely one of the funniest people I don't "know". ;) I can't memorize a song for my life, but I think that's a wickedly fabulous skill to have. And, yeah, it's hard to meet other moms. Some of them are so not friendly. Do they just have enough friends and don't need anymore? Is there a friend quota?

  17. You are fun. I talk out loud to just about anyone, too often also...

  18. Okay, you are exactly like my mother. She has NO embarrassment. Which of course, makes the rest of us embarrassed.

    It takes her forever to grocery shop, because she knows everyone and will talk to anyone. At all.

  19. I love what you said about talking to strangers! I never do because I always say embarrassing things when I actually DO talk to strangers. Maybe I should be more courageous!

  20. I talk to strangers, too.

    I don't think of it as weird or embarrassing. I just think of it as NORMAL. I think it is so sad that an entire group of people can walk into an elevator together and suddenly become COMPLETELY SILENT. It's creepy and CRAZY. Happily, I think this is one of the benefits of having kids. You always have somebody to be talking to - even in an elevator, and even if other people choose to be completely silent.

    We should hang out. Even if you secretly don't like what I know you don't like - food-wise. ;o)

  21. I totally would be your friend irl! I do the same thing to other seemingly disinterested moms! lol