hello now

I just showed Clark (who will be three in January) Luke's blog and my blog and then asked him what he would put on his own blog for "all the people" to read.

His reply?

"A GHOST. A BIG BIG GIANT ghost. A punkin too and my best buddy Scout*, mom. I think a Scout story. Once there was dog named Scout. He played and hided in the grass. He hided inside of my own house and he said something to me. He said something about my wall. And about my blocks. He said that Wall-E blocks** are great to play with. And he said mooooo. Cows say mooooo. Tell them about me too. Tell them about my great planetarium house that glows in the dark***. And tell them about Scout too. What did Scout say? Did he say, bocka bocka? Did he say other things? He likes to say ruff ruff. HELLO NOW."

He just said that to me all at once, without really taking a breath, stream-of-consciousness-like. Can you tell he's my kid?

*not an actual dog, a LeapFrog toy
** these blocks-- they have nothing to do with the Disney character Wall-E except that Clark thinks they ARE Wall-E because they look just like him:

***he does not actually have a great planetarium house that glows in the dark, he just saw a picture of one the other day and thought it looked cool


Neither LeapFrog nor Kid K'Nex paid me or provided me with any free product for this post but if they want to send me free stuff and/or money they are welcome to as Clark's Christmas presents are currently coming from the Salvation Army. Kid K'Nex and Leap Frog toys are two of his three favorite things in the whole entire world, the third being giant ghosts.


  1. There's no doubt about it...he's definitely your kid...in a totally wonderful and amazing way. He tells great stories!

  2. I love him - was he singing any part of this? I believe that would seal the genetic deal.

  3. In my heart, I really am hoping those toy company people see this and think, "Wow what a kid. I should give that kid toys for Christmas" like in a fairy tale.